An Up and Coming Choreographer Finds Her New Style

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At a young age, many kids are signed up to dance at their local studio. They stick with it for a few years, and quit once they start finding their true passion.

Julia Stella found her passion at age two when she began ballet class. She flourished as a ballet dancer for years, but eventually found a passion for the complete opposite dance-hip-hop. The music took her to a different place where she could relax and express herself.

19-years later, Stella is a choreographer for the ballet club Volé, where she also teaches advanced hip-hop to her team. She spends hours in the studio working on various combinations so her dance number is flawless. She focuses on lyrics in the music which influence the moves she chooses. The goal is to make sure her dancers enjoy their choreography because then, they show off their skills.

For years, Stella practiced her hip-hop moves and studied different Youtube videos to learn more about this specific dance. She was inspired by movies, and dance studios out in Californina. Her moves are now a mix of what certain refrences in lyrics, what she has consumed from her dance teachers, and what she just feels when she is dancing.

Dance is more than just a job for Stella, it is a way to escape the world. In her dance world, nothing bad can happen. There is no stress, no work, no problems. It is all about her and feeling the rhythm of the music. Dance is a constant in Stella's life, it is stability, and it will never her fail her.

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