A Voice With a Purpose

Story/Video posted March 29, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Shea Sugrue .


Samijo Del Viscio (Sj, 22) is a senior at Penn State University, majoring in Communication Arts and Sciences. When she isn't spending time on school work, she enjoys pouring time into her favorite hobby - singing. SJ typically showcases her beautiful voice through performing for friends and family.

When asked what SJ's dreams and ambitions are, she talks of her goal to become a musical therapist one day for children with cancer. This decision is inspired by a dear friend of SJ's who lost their battle to cancer. A musical therapist provides patients with a healing, positive voice. After hearing SJ's voice, you can understand why her voice would bring peace and ease to so many people. 

SJ plans to tailor each theraputic experience to the patients wants and needs. She typically likes to sing songs where she can "belt and do riffs", but would be happy to sing any type of music that the patients enjoy. SJ hopes to change the lives of those who she works with in the future, just like music has changed her life for the better.