“Abbott Elementary” Episode 20 Review

Opinion/Story posted April 20, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Grace Bowman.

Welcome back to the best sitcom on the air right now! After a two-week hiatus, Abbott Elementary is back and giving the viewers what they want - Gregory Eddie.

This week's episode features Gregory and him receiving the “Teacher Of The Year” award. Gregory is greatly displeased with the attention and the fact that he gets the award even though he hasn’t even been teaching for a year.

The award selection is based on the news team wanting to have a diverse award show. I personally believe it’s because Ava wanted to see Gregory on the stage, a little miss obsessed with the handsome teacher.

Barb is also enduring some technical difficulties as she is struggling to renew her teaching certificate. This plot point is wonderful though, as it ensures that Barb can teach in Pennsylvania for another five years!

These technical difficulties give us a beautiful scene between Barb and Jacob. An underrated duo, they really give the vibe of mother and son. Once Barb figures out how to attend her teaching training, she finds out her instructor is Dr. Johnson. Yes - the janitor “Doctor” Johnson.

Jannine is struggling in her own classroom, as one of her students is throwing books and having terrible behavior. Jannine calls in the mother for a “parent-teacher conference” but is treated terribly by the mother. The mother calls Jannine “the worst teacher she’s ever seen” and truly wrecks Jannine.

Melissa is swamped with papers to grade and is regretfully tasked with the job of writing Gregory his award speech. Melissa is done dirty throughout this whole episode, she truly deserves a break.

Melissa being tasked with writing Gregory a speech is the act of the devil. Gregory tells her she doesn’t have to do it, but of course, Melissa never steps down. During Melissa’s speech, she states bland facts about Gregory, which is expected. Gregory is too private to give up any information to Melissa.

Jannine is seen a few scenes later crying (sobbing) in her classroom. Everyone hold onto something and get excited - GREGORY CONSOLES HER!! Gregory does his best to make Jannine feel better and convince her she’s a good teacher.

Sadly he is unsuccessful and brings Jannine to Barb to try to console her. This moment is sweet, giving us our favorite mother-daughter duo. Barb also says a quote that should be painted on a mural - “some people hand you dirt, some people hand you flowers. It’s all a garden.”

Gregory finally accepts his award and gives a wonderful speech about being the underdog. His face also absolutely lights up when Jannine walks into the room.

Overall, this episode was really heartwarming in terms of career struggles and persevering through judgment. This episode also provided us monumental Gregory and Jannine content, him caring for her when she was crying.

In terms of the plot, this episode is not majorly eventful. Nothing regarding Legendary Schools or Ava occurred. If there was an episode to skip during the season, it would be this one. Hopefully, episode 21 gives us more dirt on Jannine and Gregory and the Legendary Schools plot. The season is almost over, loose strings need to be tied!

Rating: 2/5

Grace Bowman is a second-year majoring in biology. To contact her, email gab5585@psu.edu