“Abbott Elementary” - Season 2, Episode 6 Review

Story posted November 9, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Ethan Berman.

Since smash-hit Abbott Elementary first came onto the television scene last year, fans have been clamoring for holiday-themed episodes.

The show, created by and starring comedian Quinta Brunson, follows new teacher Janine Teagues as she finds her footing at the poorly funded elementary school where she works. It has been lauded by critics as a smash hit and has been compared to all-time favorite shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation.

Brunson acts alongside a wacky ensemble of teachers and faculty comprising the rest of the cast, including actors and actresses Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tyler James Williams, Lisa Ann Walter, Janelle James and Chris Perfetti.

After a wildly successful first season, fans were eagerly awaiting the second season and the future antics to be had by Janine, Principal Ava, Jacob, Gregory, Melissa and Barbara.

In the newest episode entitled 'Candy Zombies' written by Kate Peterman and Quinta Brunson, fans were finally given what they have long asked for by receiving the series’ first episode centered around a holiday, in this case, Halloween.

Tragedy strikes at Abbott Elementary when the candy that was supposed to be saved for the end of the day is stolen by a child dressed as Thanos from the Marvel Universe, in a clever parody of the Avengers: Infinity Saga, who intends to spread the candy amongst the children in the name of peace and equality.

This results in the young students going wild as they experience a sugar rush, and the faculty are helpless when it comes to controlling the students.

This simple plot allows for incredibly hilarious and well-written situations for these well-loved characters to find themselves in, and it is truly Abbott Elementary at its peak.

The costumes were a true highlight of the episode. For months fans have been speculating on social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter, trying to figure out who their favorite characters might be dressing up as for Halloween, or how they’d celebrate other holidays like Christmas, New Years, April Fools, etc.

When audiences saw the character’s costumes, which included Melissa as Scarlet Witch, Janine as James Harden (AND Marilyn Monroe), Gregory as Sully Sullenberger, Barbara as Spelling Bee, Jacob as Wage Theft and Ava as Storm, the Abbott Elementary community on Twitter exploded with excitement.

The episode also featured a continuation of the multi-season arc between Gregory and Janine, and their ‘will they won’t they’ relationship. Fans will continue to question the nature of their relationship as Amber, one of the student’s mothers, continues to hit on the seemingly single Gregory. Fans will certainly continue to tune in to see if the two will ever let their true feelings show.

With other highlights including a student dressing as Mr. Johnson (who threatens to sue for impersonation without permission), and Ashley, Melissa’s aide, also dressing as Scarlet Witch, it was an exceptional episode from start to finish.

The episode was a 4/5 and will definitely go down in the zeitgeist of Abbott Elementary as one of the all-time favorites for many fans.

Rating: 4/5

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