Album Deep Focus: “Special” by Lizzo

Story posted February 28, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Grace Bowman.

Lizzo’s fourth album was released on July 15, 2022 and encompasses a wide variety of genres including funk, pop, disco and R&B. Although the album was released seven months ago, it continues to remain in circulation throughout social media. This album stands alone in the discography of Lizzo’s work, as it has the theme of uplifting inspirational songs while mixing in emotional and vulnerable pieces of Lizzo’s personal life.

The opening song of the album is “The Sign” which is a wildly impressive and gripping introduction. The lyrics give insight to Lizzo’s personal life and the healing she has gone through during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also providing a phenomenal pop beat.

The second song on the album, “About D*mn Time”, is the most famous song, as it was released as a single before the album dropped. This song was created to stand out as uplifting and motivational on the album. The lyrics hold emotional meaning of healing and the desire to re-begin an exciting lifestyle.

Third song on the album is “Grrrls”, which I think is a fun and female empowering song. The lyrics “If she with it, then I’m with it” show that the theme of this song is being codependent with your girl best friend.

“2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” is the fourth song on the album and is my personal favorite. This song perfectly matches the theme of the album of being emotional and inspirational. The lyrics clearly state the story that heartbreak has occurred, and the question is being asked if they’re ready to be loved again in the way they deserve.

The fifth song is “I Love You B*tch”, which is along the same intention of “Grrrls”. This song is essentially a powerful girl anthem for a woman in a healthy and strong relationship.

“Special” is the sixth song and also the title track and was recently remixed to feature SZA. This song is the definition of inspirational and uplifting, allowing the listener to understand that they are individually special. I think this song was truly created from the kindness of Lizzo’s heart, as this is the artist image she has created for herself.

The seventh song “Break Up Twice” holds its spot perfectly in the middle of the album. This song feels underrated, as it’s specifically uplifting to women who struggle through relationship issues.

“Everybody’s Gay” is the eighth song and is the outlier disco song, providing a fun and playful vibe in the album. This song is at its core lively and frisky, while also being lyrically humorous.

“Naked” being the ninth song on the album, the most emotional and passionate song written by Lizzo. This song truly does tell a story from Lizzo’s life, allowing the listeners to understand the sensitivities of being naked from the artist's perspective.

The tenth song is “Birthday Girl” which is a fun interactive song with the fans and Lizzo. At the end of the song there is audio of various fans stating their birthdays and star signs. This song also matches the album theme of creating songs that are uplifting and playful.

The eleventh song is “If You Love Me” which is an emotional and motivational song. This song speaks from Lizzo’s heart as she sings “If you love me, you love all of me”

“Coldplay” is a final song on the album and plays an ode to Coldplay's song “Yellow” from the album Parachutes. This song is the perfect emotional finish to the album, providing a closing inspirational remark regarding Lizzo’s appreciation for love.

Overall, this album achieves significance in terms of emotional and inspirational pull. The songs are pop and funk focused, allowing the listeners to enjoy the meaningful music crafted by Lizzo.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Song: “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “Coldplay”

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