AngieOnMars releases new single ‘Distant’

Story/Video posted March 29, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Robyn Coleman.


AngieOnMars is a rapper, singer, songwritier from West Palm Beach, Florida. A recent Penn State Alum, she has pursued her career in the music industry. Despite being discouraged and unsure of her career path, she fell in love with the art of music and has been doing it ever since.

Originally,Angie was a chemistry major but had no itentions on pusuing that field after college. It wasn't until she found the passion for music that she decided to make this change. She started performing at events around campus and built a fanbase from there. With her growing audience she started collaborating with other creatives on campus to build her brand. Angie is inspiried by the creative minds around her. She gets her inspiation from daily life at home, friendships, and music experience.

Be on the lookout for her upcoming project "From Another Planet". Make sure you stream AngieOnMars on all streaming platforms and check out her latest single "Drippin".