Anna of the North - “Crazy Life” Album Review

Story posted November 11, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Chloe Rey.

Have you ever pictured yourself as the main character in a coming of age movie? Specifically in a scene where you have a dance party all by yourself in your room? Yes? Well, “Crazy Life” by Anna of the North is the album for all your daydreaming needs (or having a dance party by yourself).

Anna of the North, aka Anna Lotterud, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. “Crazy Life” is her third studio album, the last being released in 2019. Her past music as well as this album can be described as dream pop. And for fans, this did not disappoint.

Some recurring themes in tracks include relationship anxiety, lost love and the hopes to get them back and a sprinkle of self doubt (evident in “Living Life Right”).

Despite these somewhat somber messages, the music backing it up is the opposite. Almost every track lived up to the dream pop and synth aesthetic of Anna of the North’s discography.

The mixing of this album is phenomenal. When listening to it, it feels like it scratches a part of your brain that you didn’t know needed to be scratched. All of the songs feel cohesive and the sequencing is just about perfect.

Her soft voice adds to the whimsical vibe intended for “Crazy Life.”

Although the writing is average, the themes are still relatable and evident through the songs. For example, in “Nobody,” she doubts the love her partner has for her, although she still wants them. (“Don’t need nobody if it’s not you…Do you need me at all?”)

One of the stronger written songs on “Crazy Life” is one featuring Gus Dapperton, another dream pop/ indie pop artist, known for “Moodna, Once with Grace” and “Prune, You Talk Funny.” This track, called “Meteorite,” talks about the lasting effects of a lover from the past. (“Baby, I can feel your waves cross the space and the time”).

The first track of the album, “Bird Song,” sounds like it could be one of the happiest. However, its melancholic lyrics say otherwise. Starting off with birds chirping and soft acoustic guitar, it dives into missing her past partner. (“No, I haven’t felt good for a while/ ‘Cause I keep holdin’ on to somethin’ that don’t belong to me”).

Overall, this album is definitely not something you’d hear on mainstream radio. However, for those who are big fans of dream pop or those interested in getting into it, “Crazy Life” is a hit. It's a fun listen for anyone, regardless of what genre usually listened to.

If you have never heard any of Anna of the North’s work before and this is the first album you listen to, you are in for a treat. This is potentially her best work to date. One can only hope that her next projects will continue the trend of getting better and better.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Song(s): “I Do You”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song(s): “No Good Without U”

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