Bert Kreischer delivers ‘a great time’ at the BJC

Story posted April 24, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Deitric Murphy.

Laughs filled the Bryce Jordan Center on April 10 after comedian Bert Kreischer performed for over 7,000 people. His show lasted for about an hour and concluded with his most famous story, “The Machine,” which tells the story of his interaction with a Russian Mafia while on a school trip.

Two opening acts appeared before Kreischer came on stage. This show was part of “The Berty Boy Relapse Tour,” which is a combination of new and rescheduled shows of his 2020 tour that got canceled due to the pandemic.

He is known for taking off his shirt during his performances and not putting it back on for the rest of it. Aside from comedy, he’s hosted shows such as Hurt Bert, Bert the Conqueror, Trip Flip. Kreischer is even acting and producing an upcoming movie called “The Machine,” which is based on his bit.

Twin brothers Ryan and Dean Miller were two of the attendees at the event and went with four friends. Some people that attended the show did not know who Kreischer was before, including Ryan and Dean.

“I saw that he was coming to the BJC and since I’ve never been to a comedy show before and the student tickets were cheap, I decided ‘why not?’” Dean said. “I also have a friend who knows Bert Kreischer and said that he is a funny guy.”

Ryan said he also went because of this same friend. He said the show wasn’t what he predicted it would be.

“His comedy isn’t what he looks like. He looks very country, but in reality, he isn’t,” Ryan said. “When he’s doing his comedy, he’s really funny and he has great stories.”

John Mulaney will be the next big comedian at the Bryce Jordan Center, performing September 25.

“Don’t assume anything about the guy before you go. Just go into it with no expectations,” Dean said. “The student tickets are pretty cheap, so just take advantage of the opportunity and it’ll be a good time.”

Deitric Murphy is a fourth-year studying broadcast journalism. To contact him, email