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Story posted October 22, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department.

It is officially Halloween season and members from the CommRadio Arts Department made a list of some of the best songs to add to your playlists to get you in the Halloween spirit.

“Monster Mash” - Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers

With spooky season upon us, it is only right to remind everyone of arguably the most iconic sound of Halloween, “Monster Mash.”

Imagine walking into your annual Halloween classroom party in elementary school. You are so excited for the costumes you are about to see and the candy you are about to consume. What song has your teacher decided to play for the class? Monster Mash, of course!

The song is told from the point of view of a mad scientist who is describing a party that he is throwing, the “Monster Mash.”

Dracula and the vampires, the ghouls, the zombies and Wolf Man all make it out to participate in the exclusive “Monster Mash.” The mad scientist describes his gathering as a “graveyard smash,” since everyone has such a great time.

“Monster Mash” is one of the greatest Halloween songs of all time because of the catchy chorus, unique lyrics and nostalgic mood. It is a song like no other, and spooky season wouldn’t be complete without listening to this Halloween classic on repeat.

- Carly Dell’Oso

“This is Halloween” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Spooky season wouldn’t be the same without hearing the citizens of Halloweentown welcoming everyone into their terrifying town.

“This is Halloween” is the opening song of the 1993 stop-motion classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” directed by the king of gothic fantasy films, Tim Burton.

The song features many voice actors from the film who play witches, clowns, haunted trees, ghosts and any other Halloween staple character you could imagine.

“This is Halloween” is included on practically every Halloween playlist in existence, thanks to its catchy chorus and the nostalgia that comes along with most Disney tunes.

Arguably the best part of the song is the last 30 seconds, with the line, “In this town we call home / everyone hails to the pumpkin song,” and the chaotic chanting that follows. At this point in the film, the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington triumphantly rises out of an acid fountain and greets his loyal subjects.

It’s the perfect opportunity for a villain moment and one of the greatest Halloween songs of all time.

- Kaitlyn Murphy

“Thriller/Heads Will Roll” - Glee Cast

This episode of “Glee” may not be a Halloween episode, but the characters were dressed like zombies when they performed this one, so it counts.

This mashup was sung in the 11th episode of Season 2, “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle.” The song was performed by the Glee Club and the high school football team, the McKinley High Titans.

In the episode, the football coach made all of the players join the Glee Club for a week, saying if they didn’t they wouldn’t be allowed to play in the championship game. This prompted most of the team to quit, and then members of the Glee Club decided they’d play in the game instead. During halftime, all of the football players decided to do the performance so that they could play in the second half of the game.

This cover is actually one of the best songs in the show, and is one of the numbers that most fans of the show remember well, which is what helps make it one of the best Halloween songs.

- Izzy Charboneau

“Drunk on Halloween” - Wallows

It's no doubt that Wallows comes out with bops, and “Drunk on Halloween” is certainly no exception. Although it has Halloween in the title, it's perfect for all seasons.

For such an upbeat song, its lyrics are certainly not. They describe a classic heartbreak story, “I know where you've been, don’t try to act like I don’t know you,” but with a Halloween twist and in a party setting.

With a deep bass, fun, yet somber drums and trumpet inclusions, it makes for a melancholy vibe, which is exactly the type of sound a Halloween heartbreak would have.

“Drunk on Halloween” is a track from earlier in Wallows’ discography, yet is highly relatable with great writing. It makes it easy to have this song on repeat all through spooky season and seasons after as well.

- Chloe Rey

“Halloween” - Phoebe Bridgers

This may be a bit of a stretch to include Phoebe Bridgers’s “Halloween” as a Halloween song, considering the indie song utilizes the holiday as symbolism rather than festive music for the day.

However, “Halloween” is a harrowing and beautiful song that is the perfect soundtrack for the dusky late-October time of year.

Bridgers is known for her expert lyricism, and “Halloween” is no exception.

Bridgers is pleading with a loved one that she could be and would be anything for her significant other, stating, “baby, it’s Halloween, and we can be anything.”

The instrumental on this track is incredibly haunting, helping the somber and helpless lyrics come to life in an eerie way.

What the song lacks in fun and festivity, it makes up for in familiarity. The themes and vibes of this song are what make it so addicting.

To many, the title of this song may be the only thing to link it to Halloween, but the aura it creates is reminiscent of a cool October night and is the perfect song for this time of year.

- Sophia D’Ovidio

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