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There’s something about being stuck on a deserted island that always seems to pull people in. Match it with cutthroat competition, and what isn’t there to like?

With 44 seasons, “Survivor” is one of the longest-running reality TV shows to date.

As mentioned before, “Survivor” couples the thrill of surviving off of practically nothing with intense competition to create a must-watch show. But, that isn’t all it brings to the table.

One of the best things about the show is the incredible personalities it seems to draw. Without fail, each season has at least one contestant that’s either a little off their rocker or has such a large personality that they just command the attention of the room (or beach-side hut).

Watching the players compete for prizes, such as much-needed food and sources of warmth, keeps viewers invested and coming back for more each week.

On top of that, viewers create connections with the players through the emotional interviews that always seem to happen in the midst of the most drama.

Overall, “Survivor” is a show loved by viewers of all ages and has brought entertainment (and the occasional argument) to families and game show enthusiasts all around the world. -Ainsley Spitz

“Dance Moms”

“Dance Moms” is undoubtedly the best reality TV show because of one special thing that no other reality tv show could offer: they gained attention from children, not just adults.

Mothers and daughters could watch this show together. There are so many ways “Dance Moms” is special.

The fandoms competed between being Team Maddie or Team Chloe, mutual hatred for the Candy Apples, which underdog was the best, and rooting or dissing all the added team members throughout the eight seasons.

The show took the audience on a wild ride.

In each episode, there was an unlimited amount of drama. Who will get the solo? Who will get the lead in the group dance? Who is receiving the most amount of critiques from Abby? Or, how much is Maddie being praised?

These questions always caused the moms to be furious, pick sides with each other, and sometimes as a group or individually would confront Abby, which always caused things to escalate.

The girls from “Dance Moms” grew up with their audience, which made the watching experience more special.

Any viewer would confidently and passionately agree that there aren’t any disappointing episodes because the talented, and maybe exploiting, producers of “Dance Moms” created a never-ending loop of drama, fighting, tears and entertaining dances. -Natalie Simone

“Love Island”

Of all the reality shows in the world, “Love Island” is the ultimate dominator in the field. Once you watch “Love Island,” every other reality show seems anticlimactic and terrible.

“Love Island” is originally based in the United Kingdom, however, there are multiple branch locations. “Love Island UK” has 9 seasons, while “Love Island US” and “Love Island Australia” each have 4 seasons.

There are also multiple other branches to this franchise, but those are not as popular as the big three (there's “Love Island” in Germany, Spain, Romania, Nigeria, Norway and others).

The premise of “Love Island” is that single men and women are on an island together and are coupled up.

As the series continues new singles enter the island as “bombshells” and cause couples to recouple. This reality series has also had the factor of public voting to remove couples from the island, as well as the singles on the island voting off their castmates as well.

“Love Island” is a series that gives you everything, each season having around 50-60 hour-long episodes and new episodes every single day.

This series is truly morphed around the basic human desire, which is why once you watch one season you’ll never stop watching.

“Love Island UK” is the most successful of the franchise, with seasons 4 and 5 being the peak of the show.

Although most couples on the show do not last long term, there have been a handful of couples who get married or have children. Out of the total 64 “couples” on the show, around 16 are still together as of March 21, 2023. -Grace Bowman

“Jersey Shore”

“Jersey Shore” was the reality show that shocked the world (the world being the state of New Jersey).

The show brought in eight young adults to spend a summer together in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, with all of the drama, work, clubbing and grenades that ensued.

Some of pop culture’s most iconic reigned from the show, including Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “J-Woww” Farley, DJ Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Additionally, the Shore’s jargon and slogans made it into everyday vocabulary, like “grenades,” “creeping,” “t-shirt time” and “cabs are here.”

The show spanned six seasons, including one in Miami and one in Italy, and its successor, “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” shows the gang all grown up with kids but still clubbing hard.

“Jersey Shore” did receive a lot of backlashes, especially from former Governor Chris Christie, who called the show an “inaccurate” representation of New Jersey.

However, the show sparked a cultural revolution and attracted tourists to South Jersey for years to come.  -Adrianna Gallucci

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