“Boss Level” Review

Story posted March 8, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Sam Roberts.

If you’re looking for 90 minutes of non-stop combat, shootouts, sword fights, explosions and blood, then “Boss Level” is the movie to watch.

“Boss Level” is directed by Joe Carnahan and stars Frank Grillo as Roy, who lives the same day 250 times in a row with an army of people trying to kill him.

Every time Roy dies, he wakes up on the same morning and he constantly learns how to survive further into the day as people try to kill him. He gets better and better every day until he learns why these people are after him.

Roy’s ex, played by Naomi Watts, was working on a project known as the Osiris Spindle that bends the fabric of space and time so they could redo tragic events that happen in the world.

The Osiris Spindle needs a mass to work, so Jemma, played by Watts, uses Roy as the mass and causes him to get stuck in the time loop of living the same day. Roy learns she does this to give him a fighting chance against all the people that were sent to kill him and by the end of the movie, Roy succeeds.

The biggest theme throughout the movie was learning from your past mistakes and rising above them. Roy learns this by using the days he repeats to spend time with him and Gemma’s son, who doesn’t know Roy is his father because he was absent most of his son’s life.

By the end of the film, Roy has learned from his past mistakes and has become a better man as he is done being in the time loop.

"Boss Level” is really just a fun action movie that does its job of entertaining the audience with constant action and comedy. The writers created a setting where they were able to have their characters do whatever they wanted with no consequences.

The movie ends with Roy waking up on the same day again but only if he dies, he won’t repeat it because he’s out of the loop. The writers created an environment where Roy has no consequences to his actions, and this actually hurt the movie because it almost erased all the character development that Roy went through.

“Boss Level” did have some cool moments of very exquisite camera movements and also all of the clues of the plot were laid out in an entertaining way. The CGI was well done, and the combat choreography was also very well done.

All in all, “Boss Level” is merely an entertaining movie and not much more. What it lacks in artistic style and complex characters, it makes up for in creative action sets and Grillo’s hilarious narration.

Rating: 3/5

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