Caitlyn Albano Under All of the Lights

Story/Video posted October 14, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by Elizabeth Palma.


Caitlyn Albano, a senior at the Pennsylvania State University, serves her passions through her a cappella group, Shades of Blue, at her university. Albano was fortunate to find her talent and passion for singing at a young age, and sought to pursue her hobby when she began private lessons at the age of seven. She feels indebted to her dad, who has not only supported and encouraged her love for singing, but has even practiced and performed with her. Albano grew up watching her dad continue to pursue his passions through his performances with his band.

Today, Albano continues to polish her voice through weekly rehearsals and performances with her a cappella group. She joined her freshman year, and entered college knowing that she needed to continue to sing. She is grateful that she is given the opportunity to continue to do what she loves with people she believes she has created lifelong friendships with.

You can find Shades of Blue's EP online here.

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