Caroline Rose - “Superstar” Album Review

Story posted March 11, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Grossman.

Two years after the release of her last album, singer Caroline Rose returns with a brand new record, "Superstar." This new album continues the trend of pop-rock found in her previous record, and a confirmation that she has decided to deviate completely from her folk and country roots. Rose presents the listener with a more dreamy landscape than her last outing as well.

For the most part, “Superstar” feels like a very short and repetitive foray into what she offers, and because of it, the record suffers from being very formulaic and even a bit forgettable at times, especially after it finishes. While Caroline Rose has made a good effort into crafting good-sounding songs, it fails to keep the listener interested, or have it stand the test of time.

The album itself is not very long, finishing at only 38 minutes, with some songs ranging from only one to four minutes. It begins with the opener "Nothing's Impossible," which plays heavily on dreamy synths and percussions similar to that of other notable pop artists of the era. "Got to Go My Own Way" uses a bit more interesting techniques in mixing the sounds, as does "Do You Think We'll Last Forever?"

The next few tracks, "Feelings Are a Thing of the Past," "Feel the Way I Want," and "Freak Like Me" all carry the similar sounds of pop that audiences are familiar with from recent albums such as Billie Eilish's, though do not necessarily have the same strengths as her work. The last tracks on the album, "Back at the Beginning" and "I Took a Ride" serve as the longest on the album and the strongest, as well. All of Rose's ideas of how she thinks about herself and her relationships culminate into these two tracks, which have been present throughout the course of the album, and let it close on a high note. However, as mentioned, the album itself does not sit very well after it finishes, causing those who might be interested in processing it to listen more than once.

Compared to her last album, "Loner," Caroline Rose has done a better job in crafting the sounds and main beats for the songs on this record. However, the songs on her previous record are much more memorable. "Jeannie Becomes a Mom" on "Loner" incorporated many of the similar styles and ideas presented on this record, though has lasted throughout a much longer time period. The track can compare similarly to "Do You Think We'll Last Forever?" with reverbed vocals and sounds encompassing most of the track, though instead of faltering after two thirds of the way in, it lasts throughout the entire song. This gradual decline in Rose's work is unfortunate, if only because the last record was much more interesting, and something that lasted very well after two years.

However, this does not dispute the fact that Caroline Rose has done a good job in being able to craft sounds that are very catchy. It takes a lot of work to refine your sound, but more work to make it last. Overall, a very interesting experience that could have had a bit more to offer, especially coming from someone who claims they are a superstar.

Rating: 5/10

Favorite Tracks: “Do You Think We'll Last Forever?”, “Command Z”, “Back at the Beginning”,

Least Favorite Track: “Pipe Dreams”



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