“Daisy Jones and the Six” Season 1, Episodes 1-3 Review

Story posted March 19, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Jackie Dye & Marissa Stephens.

Riley Keough stars as Daisy Jones, throughout Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel “Daisy Jones and The Six.” Alongside prominent cast members such as Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse and Camilla Monroe, Reid produced the series alongside Reese Witherspoon, Scott Neustadter, and Michael Weber.

The series will consist of ten episodes.

The band starts out as “The Dunne Brothers,” which includes brothers Billy and Graham Dunne. The band originates in Pittsburgh, and the members at this time consist of lead singer Billy Dunne, guitarist Graham Dunne, bassist and rhythm guitarist Eddie Roundtree and drummer Warren Rhodes. Camila is a crucial member as well, following them along as the band’s photographer and Billy’s wife.

After one of their first gigs at the Staircase, Karen Sirko joins their band. This leaves them with six members including Camila, and they then change their name to “The Six.”

The first two episodes also capture the life of Daisy Jones, a young singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. She grows up in a poor living situation and is eager to get away from her old life and make a name for herself. Most people would describe her character as rebellious and abrasive.

She struggles with becoming something big until she meets with producer, Teddy, who suggests that she collaborates with “The Six.” Among meeting the members in episode 3, Daisy finds it the most difficult to get along with Billy, despite the collaboration being a major hit.

This series has brought California in the 70’s to life through the screen.

Costume designer Denise Wingate has collaborated with Free People to create the wardrobe for this series, stating in an interview with Free People that she drew inspiration from “classic rock, boho, hippie looks, glam rock and psychedelic vibes.”

The sepia tones and stunning cinematography allows for the viewer to feel as though they are experiencing live shows and fully immerses the audience in 70’s rock and roll culture.

While all aspects of the show are mostly enjoyable, a reader of the book may find that the portrayal of characters and scenes in the show are different than how most people imagined.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show was how they were able to bring the lyrics to life and create real songs. The music and the storyline has been significantly compared to that of Fleetwood Mac. Overall, the first three episodes capture the audience in a way that makes the rest of the season highly anticipated.

Tension and entanglements throughout the first three episodes left viewers excited to see how relationships between the band members will unfold, and how the story will continue.

Jackie’s Rating: 4/5
Marissa’s Rating: 4/5

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