Discography Deep Focus - Lana Del Rey

Story posted November 4, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Vanessa Wasden.

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, more commonly known as Lana Del Rey is a 37-year-old singer and songwriter from Upstate, New York. She moved to Manhattan, New York in 2005 to pursue her music career.

After buying herself out of 5 Points, Lana Del Rey agreed on a joint contract with Interscope, Polydor and Stranger. She continued to post videos of her music to her YouTube before being discovered by Stranger records who she then signed with. In 2011, Stranger released her single, “Video Games.”

Lana Del Rey has won five Grammys and just broke the record for the most No. 1 Albums on the Billboard Alternative Album Charts. With it being a year since her latest album let’s reflect on some of her top albums.

“Born To Die” - 2012

“Born To Die” is Lana Del Rey’s first released album. Originally released with 13 songs Del Rey then released a deluxe edition titled “Paradise Edition” featuring 23 songs. “Paradise” also won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Coming out with a bang “Born To Die- Paradise Edition” is arguably one of Lana Del Rey’s most popular albums; featuring tracks such as “Video Games”, “Summertime Sadness,” “Radio,” and “National Anthem” it is no surprise that it was the fifth best selling album worldwide in 2012.

Deep instrumentals and meaningful lyrics about social problems with a retro vibe “Born To Die - Paradise Edition” made it impossible to look past the up-and-coming artist.

“Ultraviolence” - 2014

Two years later, Lana Del Rey released her next album “Ultraviolence” consisting of 14 tracks. This album quickly rose to Billboard number one within its debut week.

Consisting of hit tracks such as, “Brooklyn Baby,” “West Coast,” and “Shades Of Cool,” most of the tracks were written by Del Rey in Santa Monica, California. Near which she finds most of her inspiration, Venice.

“Ultraviolence” has a slower, deeper vibe with great jazz which perfectly combines her East coast and West coast lifestyles.

“Honeymoon” - 2015

Shortly after “Ultraviolence” Lana Del Rey then released “Honeymoon” in 2015. Oftentimes forgotten “Honeymoon” includes 14 songs each providing a summertime, carefree rhythm. “Honeymoon” quickly rose to number two on Billboard.

Consisting of her common themes of romance, drugs, and violence her fourth album doesn’t stray far from what she does best. Featuring tracks like, “High By The Beach,” “Salvatore” and “Music To Watch Boys To” this album portrays a more mature side of Del Rey.

“Lust for Life” - 2017

After a minimal absence, Del Rey released her fifth studio album, “Lust for Life.” This album consists of 16 songs with features from artists such as The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Stevie Nicks and Sean Ono Lennon.

“Lust for Life” went on to win a Grammy in 2018 for Best Pop Vocal Album, this album also debuted at number one on the Billboard200 chart. This album has many recognizable tracks, “Lust for Life (with The Weeknd),” “Love,” “Get Free” and “Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti).”

This album highlights the pop side that we haven’t seen since her debut album, “Born To Die” while maintaining her usual aesthetic.

“Norman F***ing Rockwell” - 2019

Ending on a high note it would be a crime to not recognize the masterpiece of an album, “NFR.” This album reminded Del Rey fans and the public alike of the powerful woman and beautiful songwriter she is.

“NFR” is a 14-track record which is arguably Del Rey’s peak in mature and touching songwriting. This album did not disappoint and went on to win two Grammys; Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year (“Norman F***ing Rockwell”). “NFR” is an empowering album while still reminding everyone that she is a relatable artist.

This album features notable tracks such as “Norman F***ing Rockwell”, F**k it I love you” and “California.” Along with her personal cover of Sublime’s hit song, “Doin Time.”

Lana Del Rey is an artist who perfectly combines her feelings with various beautiful compositions. Although not all albums and singles were listed these were definitely important to highlight in the span of her career.

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