Don Toliver - “Love Sick” Album Review

Story posted March 6, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Matthew Peters.

Don Toliver released his fourth studio album, “Love Sick,” on Feb. 24.

Although this was a rather sudden announcement of the album, fans expected a typical Toliver album that is heavy in production and with a strong presence of his high-pitched voice.

Given the title, “Love Sick,” coincidentally being released just ten days after Valentine’s day, listeners speculated whether this album would have a sweet or toxic message.

Unfortunately, it is unclear what his intention was with this album, given that the lyrics have little connection between the tracks, and there is no clear message portrayed throughout the project.

Although Don Toliver has collaborated with rap moguls such as Travis Scott, Future, and two out of three Migos, he is not yet considered a “superstar” in the rap industry.

That being said, he has many loyal fans who patiently waited for an album of his own after he recently appeared as a feature on Metro Boomin’s “Heroes & Villains.”

It is deplorable that this album did not have a single song worth adding to a playlist. In addition, he could have chosen his features better and significantly overused the autotune feature to modulate his vocals.

This caused repetitive and uncomfortable melodies, which made it difficult to get through the 52-minute album. The only notable features that performed well were Lil Durk on “Leave the Club” and his girlfriend, Kali Uchis, on “4 Me.”

Besides these two, the features did not add any redeemable qualities to the tracks and mainly consisted of random names.

To make matters worse, Toliver’s flow, as well as the production on the tracks, were both excellent. However, every track had a deterrent, making it difficult to add any of them to playlists.

This shouldn’t negatively impact Don Toliver’s name nor alter his fanbase; however, this was a disappointing performance on his part to say the least.

Luckily, he released the “Love Sick (Deluxe)” four days later, which contained two of the best songs from the entire project, “No Pole” and “Embarrassed (feat. Travis Scott).”

This gave fans a glimmer of hope that Toliver would release a better album in the future.

It is safe to say that this is Toliver’s worst album; however, he is still early on in his career, and there is potential for him to become one of the top names in the rap industry in time.

Rating: 4/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs:  “No Pole,” “Leave the Club,” “Embarrassed”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Songs: “Go Down,” “Let her Go,” “Luckily I’m Having”

Matthew Peters is a first-year majoring in journalism. To contact him, email