Down the Rabbit Hole

Video posted October 10, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment by Emily Akers.


The first time Jonathan Hashmonay heard of musical theatre was during his service in the Israeli Defense Force as a singer in an army band. This was a life-altering moment.

Hasmonay is currently a senior BFA Musical Theatre student at the Pennsylvania State University. Born in Israel, Hashmonay was raised to have an appreciation for all types of music.

Around the age of eight, his father received a job offer, moving his family to New Jersey where he spent his middle school years until the family returned to Israel. There he completed high school and spent his four years participating in the school band.

Upon his graduation, the family decided to return to New Jersey, but Hashmonay remained in Israel to serve as a lone soldier in the Israeli Defense Force where he was in the army band. He spent the next three years traveling across the country performing for troupes.

After his time serving, he thought he was done with music. Many of his friends had chosen other life paths as they had grown tired of such strict musical training. Hashmonay found himself considering a similar career change and applied to several medical schools. 

It wasn't until his friend called him up that he changed his mind. His friend had gone to the United States and saw The Book of Mormmon,  telling Hashmonay that he had to listen to the cast album. 

What Hashmonay didn't know was that listening to that album would change his life.