“Firefly Lane” - Season 2 Review

Story posted January 9, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Cassie Baylis.

Part one of “Firefly Lane” season two was released on Netflix on Dec. 2. The second part is said to release in June 2023.

With a cliffhanger ending tying together the second season’s part one, the anticipation has lovers of the show waiting for part two.

Created by Maggie Friedman, the show stars Katherine Heigl as Tully Hart, Sarah Chalke as Kate Mularkey and Ben Lawson as Johnny Ryan, to name a few.

“Firefly Lane” is a drama series, following the past and present of best friends Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey as they face the various phases of their lives from the 70s to early 2000s together.

This season provides more background about Tully and Kate as childhood best friends, journalists working at their first news station, starting families and changing careers. All while supporting each other along their paths of life.

“Firefly Lane” alludes to tragic events effectively by including tiny pieces of the puzzle in each episode. Viewers will want to watch it in one sitting in order to reach the reveal of one specific incident hinted at throughout the season. The tension leading up to this conflict has been building since season one.

The series impresses with its ability to discuss true tragedies with emotional scenes and backstories. There is a unique transparency about certain life struggles; for instance, families going through divorce, drug use and individuals affected by sexual assault.

Episode 4, titled “Papa Don’t Preach,” specifically highlights Johnny’s struggle with PTSD after coming back from Iraq on a journalism assignment where he was injured.

During this episode, Ben Lawson does an incredible portrayal of Johnny facing physical and mental strains upon returning to his past life. His reluctance to get mental help at first provides a realistic storyline of someone recovering from trauma.

Another effective aspect of the plot in “Firefly Lane” is the smooth transition from past to present multiple times in each episode. With a change of music and wardrobe, watchers are transported to another decade instantly.

Jumping from one decade to another has the possibility of presenting some difficulties, but the show transitions back and forth from Tully and Kate’s childhood, adulthood and present-day lives in a cohesive way.

Episode 6: “Reborn On the Fourth of July,” provides instances of insightful flashes to the past relating to the present. It highlights the freedom the best friends have found in various ways. Whether it is Kate getting her first kiss as a teenager or finally reviving an old romance she has sought after for most of season two.

This episode explores freedom in the different phases of Tully and Kate’s lives. Kate’s first kiss and Tully’s comfortability with herself again as teenagers, the two facing breakups on the same Fourth of July as adults and Tully’s freedom of knowledge in discovery of past secrets while Kate revives an old love.

These scenes from the past convey a better understanding of where the girls came from to the viewers. They are also helpful in permitting a certain comparison between their younger selves and adults dealing with their pasts.

During episode 2: “On the Road,” the best friends as teenagers go on a road trip in search of Tully’s father based on a photograph found at her grandmother’s house. Later in the season, in episode 5, the search continues in adulthood, leading Tully to find something unexpected about the man who never raised her.

These pieces from Tully’s teenage years combined with her present adulthood reveal the parts of herself that will always remain the same.

Tully and Kate’s wardrobe is one part of them that transforms noticeably. Viewers will be drawn to the different time periods portrayed through costumes. “Firefly Lane” covers four decades successfully.

Resembling classic 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s attire, hair and makeup, these looks are carefully picked, down to the flared white pants of the 70s or chunky jewelry from the 80s. This thoughtful costuming assists in the clear cue of transitions to different timelines.

“Firefly Lane” is shocking, entertaining and carefully put together in every aspect. Its ability to productively speak on emotional issues while effortlessly transitioning between various eras grants this season a 5/5 rating.

Viewers will find this show is worth the watch, as season two of “Firefly Lane” provided unexpected plot twists uncovering new information along the way.

All of these thoughtfully constructed aspects paired with its especially devastating cliffhanger hold the interest of its fans.

Will Kate be left to deal with this unfortunate news changing her future all alone?

Rating: 5/5

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