Fresh Movie Review

Story posted March 21, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser.

“Fresh” is the directorial debut of director Mimi Cave, which tells the story of a woman named Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) who goes through the struggles of online dating until she meets her match, Steve (Sebastian Stan) at a grocery store.

Their instant chemistry is enough for Noa to take a risk and go on a weekend trip with Steve. However, Noa’s suspicions are confirmed when Steve’s intentions turn sinister.

“Fresh” was a fantastic film that was filled with a ton of phenomenal characters and incredible suspense. However, this film is not perfect and suffers from a rushed ending that leaves an unsatisfying taste in the viewers' mouths.

The first thirty minutes of this film are perfect. Edgar-Jones is an amazing leading lady and her performance is filled with a ton of charm and relatability.

The dialogue in the first thirty minutes between Noa and Steve is so genuine. There is no unrealistic or rushed conversation, and the writing perfectly portrays a 21st-century relationship.

Stan and Edgar-Jones have sensational chemistry which makes all their dialogue believable. It also makes the remainder of the film all the more shocking, when Steve does horrible things to Noa.

The film takes an unexpected turn after these thirty minutes which completely shifts the genre. This sweet romantic film quickly turns into a horror-thriller that features many unbelievable twists and turns that the audience should experience for themselves.

The film never takes itself too seriously, which is why the tonal change in the second act does not feel unwarranted. The shift in genres is quite jarring especially since the film gets quite graphic and disturbing. However, in these scenes, Stan can shine.

Sebastian Stan delivers his best performance to date as the psychotic Steve. Stan is the most unraveled he has ever been and he believably plays the charming kidnapper.

Stan’s character Steve is also very complex. His motives are never super clear, however, it is obvious he has many problems that define who he is. Stan’s emotion in the performance is captivating from start to end, and he proves that he is not just the Winter Soldier.

The standout actress in the film is Jojo T. Gibbs who plays Mollie. Mollie is Noa’s best friend and the comedic relief in the film.

Gibbs is not just absolutely hysterical, but she is also an insanely captivating actress. It is hard to not focus on her in any scene, and her emotional range in the film is quite outstanding, especially since Gibbs is somewhat unknown in the acting scene.

Although the acting in this film is stellar throughout, the story itself is a bit rushed. The movie focuses on character development, just to create a rushed end with little to no satisfaction.

A new character is introduced halfway through the film that is set up to be important. However, the movie completely glosses over her development, yet still has her be important to the conclusion. This decision to make her character important felt unjustified and made for an unsatisfying conclusion.

Other than the minor third-act problems, this was a fantastic film. Mimi Cave delivered a very impressive directorial debut.

The movie never took itself seriously which made for a ton of hysterical moments and intense suspense. The acting is superb in this twisted film that will shock any audience. This movie is definitely worth watching for any fans of psychological thrillers and horror films.

Rating: ⅘ stars

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