“Grey’s Anatomy” Episode 5: Bottle Up and Explode!

Story posted November 29, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz.

“Grey’s” is back after a two-week break, and it is the first big crisis of the season. This is the drama fans have been waiting for.

At the beginning of the episode, the hospital experiences some sort of blast. Owen prepares the doctors for the incoming trauma, assuming that the explosion was a bomb. After the opening credits it is revealed that the blast was not a bomb, but a pipeline explosion.

The first victim of the blast that was brought into the ER was firefighter Vic from “Grey’s Anatomy’s” sister show “Station 19”. “Grey’s” fans will recall Vic from a past episode where her fiancé passed away in the hospital.

An event like an explosion in “Grey’s Anatomy” can only mean one thing: death. While killing off characters is very on-brand for “Grey’s,” it is usually held off until the end of the episode. Not even 20 minutes into this episode it is found out that Dean Miller, another firefighter, died in the explosion.

While many fans may not have an emotional connection to the character, it is still upsetting to see other characters mourn.

When Dean’s body is brought into the hospital, Ben breaks the news to Miranda that he promised Dean that he would take his two-year-old daughter, Pruitt, if anything ever happened to him.

At first, Miranda is upset with Ben’s promise, and his lack of communication, but throughout the episode, it becomes clear that she is not upset about taking Pruitt.

She is more worried about getting attached to the little girl and then having her taken away by her biological grandparents. There was no clear resolution in this episode, but things seem as if Miranda is already getting attached.

Along with the fatalities of the blast, Owen is suffering from PTSD throughout the episode due to his past in the military and his current work with veterans. The other person being affected by the blast emotionally is Megan. Megan’s son, Farouk, was in surgery when the blast occurred.

In lighter news, Meredith and Amelia are in Minnesota still working to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Until now the duo has been working alongside Dr. Kai Bartley, who is the first non-binary doctor to make multiple reappearances on the show.

However, in this episode, they were joined by Tom Korasick, who left the show last season. Tom’s presence upsets Dr. Hamilton because Tom slept with his daughter. However, Tom is only making an appearance in this episode.

Also in Minnesota, Meredith is still pursuing her relationship with Nick, while there seems to also be a flame growing between Kai and Amelia. This budding relationship has fans upset due to the very recent breakup between Amelia and Linc.

Back in Seattle, Megan’s secret about Farouk’s surgery is revealed to Owen and Teddy, and they assure her that they are family and that she does not need to go through this alone. Along with this, Jo begins making plans for Luna in case she dies. She is reassured by Linc that if anything were to happen to her, he would take in Luna.

This may have been the most interesting episode this season. Next week fans can look forward to finding out Pruitt’s future and seeing more of Kai and Amelia’s relationship.

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