Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Episode 12 Review

Story posted March 23, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz.

This season of “Grey’s Anatomy” seems like it will never end, and this plot will drag on forever.

The show has developed into something so different from the original seasons it is hard to believe it is the same show. However, at the same time, it is admirable how the writers have kept the show going for this many years.

Meredith and love interest Nick are beginning to get serious. Now that Dr. Hamilton’s surgery is over, it seems the show is getting back to its relationship-centered focus.

The episode opens with the couple pulling up to a cabin where they spend an intimate weekend, until Nick’s niece, Charlotte, and her boyfriend arrive on the scene. 

Charlotte, who Nick raised, reveals to her uncle that she is going to drop out of school to travel, which does not sit well with Nick.

Meredith and Nick are not the only love birds getting to know each other better, Kai and Amelia are taking things to the next level as well.

Kai invites Amelia to go see a band, which ends up being Kai’s band that she is the lead singer in.

E.T. Fightmaster plays Kai on the show and is in the band “Twin Music,” which is who performs at the bar. They perform a love song called “Trouble” which can be streamed on Spotify.

The song was well performed and added a lot of depth to Kai and Amelia’s relationship.

It has been a long time since “Grey’s Anatomy” has had live music or any on-screen singing so this was a nice addition to the episode.

While these two sisters were struggling with relationships, Maggie was dealing with a discovered letter that Ellis wrote to Maggie before she was born.

Ellis, the biological mother of Meredith, got pregnant with Maggie during an affair and gave her up for adoption. While they never met, Maggie always wondered about what her biological mother was like.

She read the letter and had a terrible nightmare about the cold and mean lady that Ellis was. In the end, Maggie realized she never needed a relationship with Ellis and decided to burn her letter.

The burning of this letter signified growth on Maggie’s part and seemed to be the end of Ellis being mentioned in future episodes.

While Ellis was a somewhat terrible mother, it was interesting for longtime fans to see the late character appear in an episode for the first time in years. Even though the character was just there in a dream it was still very cool to see how the writers reintroduced her. Along with that, it was very nostalgic.

Overall, this episode was more interesting than many of the others this season. This could be because of the nostalgic feeling brought on by Ellis’s appearance or by the focus on growing relationships.

This episode was overall in much better spirits than the last few episodes which have been focusing on Owen’s accident and the toll that it is taking on Teddy, along with Schmidt dealing with the loss of his patient.

After this episode, it looks like there is hope for the rest of the season to get a little bit better.

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