Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4 Review

Story posted October 29, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz.

Another week, another episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”! The second and final week features fan-favorite character Addison Montgomery.

Besides Addison’s short-lived story arc, there are a lot of things happening this week. We start with Richard and Catherine discussing that Richard has an event planned for the residents.

This event will be his first event back since being reinstated as the head of the residency department.

Richard’s plan involves the residents performing lap Scholes with minimal assistance from a resident, and calls this the “Webber Method”. Of course, the residents are excited by this taste of freedom, while Bailey is not.

The residents end up pulling off all 12 procedures and Schmidt even pulls off an additional one, rounding the total up to 13. The only resident to struggle was Helm who was then assisted by Bailey.

Helm was shaken up by the incident but was reassured by Bailey that it was okay. This may have been the show’s way for the audience to become more acquainted with residents other than Schmidt.

The resident’s achievement was the big winner of the episode, while the rest of the characters experienced more emotional and heartbreaking news.

Patient Noah introduces Owen to his fellow veteran Roy who is trying to spread awareness about burn pits. Burn pits are open-aired areas dedicated to burning trash and waste. This was a common practice for the United States military in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

While Owen and Roy are meeting, Roy begins coughing up blood and then collapses. He is rushed to the hospital where it is revealed that he has lung cancer.

Owen, accompanied by Winston, explains that Roy has the option of a risky surgery. Roy immediately says yes and survives the surgery, but sadly passes away shortly after.

Roy’s death heavily upsets Noah because Roy was like a father figure to him. This affects Noah’s opinions of Owen and blames him for Roy’s decision to get the surgery.

The back and forth from Noah about whether he trusts Owen is becoming frustrating to viewers. Fans will most likely spend the rest of the season watching Owen and Noah fight with each other on how to deal with his condition.

On the other side of Owen’s life is his sister Megan who comes to Cormac looking for answers about a hypothetical teen boy who ends up being her adopted son, Farouk.

After being examined by Cormac the boy is revealed to have a heart murmur which will require surgery.

While Megan has not spent much of the series as the main character, this situation made the audience sympathize and care for Megan and Farouk.

Newer fans of the show may not be aware of Farouk’s past, but Megan explains to Cormac how she raised Farouk while she was being held prisoner in Iraq, where he was a refugee after his parents passed away.

Megan's tears made the audience hope for a positive outcome of the future surgery.

Addison and Amelia work together on Addison’s uterus transplant patient. The patient had begun seizing so Addison put her in an induced coma, and Amelia was there to make sure that the patient did not go braindead.

The pair spent the episode together looking over the patient and revealing some dark secrets about themselves.

They compared their quarantine experiences where Amelia felt she was drowning in a domestic lifestyle taking care of Scout and Meredith’s kids, and Addison was overwhelmed with depressive thoughts and abusive alcohol consumption.

The two acknowledge that they are both in a better place now, and manage to wake up the patient without any negative effects.

In brighter news, things are looking up for Jo and baby Luna. Jo helped a laboring single mother feel more confident in her abilities to have the baby by herself. Along with that Jo seems more confident in her ability to mother.

All in all, Meredith did not have much screen time, and longtime fans deserved to have some sort of closure or goodbye between her and Addison.

Other than that, the episode was interesting and made viewers excited to see what happens next week!

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