Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6: Every day is a Holiday (with you) Review

Story posted December 2, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz.

Last week’s episode was full of emotions and pain, leaving fans waiting anxiously for the Thanksgiving installment, “Every day is a Holiday (with you).”

The episode begins with Schmitt’s mother showing up at the hospital to present him with Thanksgiving dinner. She ends up waiting the entire episode to eat with her son, however before he is done in surgery, she ends up having a long conversation with Nico about his and Schmitt’s future. This conversation may be foreshadowing the future of their relationship this season.

This is followed by Bailey announcing that Pruitt’s grandparents came to the fire station to pick her up. Pruitt is the child that Bailey’s husband gained custody of after his coworker passed away last week.

This was exactly what Bailey was afraid of when Ben told Dean that they would take custody. This predicament was rarely referenced during the rest of the episode due to it mainly being resolved in “Station 19”.

Webber and Schmitt are waiting for patients in the ambulance bay when a car speeds in and a sweet woman with a pie emerges. The woman is doubled over in pain due to being pregnant, however, she is only worried about getting back to her family before they realize she is gone.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, Meredith is snowed in and can’t make it home to her kids. Amelia oversees providing children and Scout with Thanksgiving dinner. Linc joins her to help make Scout’s holidays normal when he grows up.

During their makeshift feast, Amelia, Linc and the kids provide some comic relief when Meredith’s son Bailey asks, “What is sex?”. Unfortunately, the audience does not get to see their answer to this question.

Alone in her hotel room, Meredith spends the holiday on the phone with this season’s love interest Nick. He is driving up to his cabin while Meredith keeps him company on the phone. They spend the time trading Thanksgiving ER horror stories. Meredith gets a knock on her door, and it ends up being Nick.

When Meredith opens the door to him, she says “You turned around.” This could be a reference to season 11 when Meredith’s late husband Derick died in a car accident.

Many times, after he dies Meredith wonders what might have happened if he had turned around. Nick turning around to spend the holiday with her, seems like the signal she needed to allow herself to finally take her relationship with Nick to the next level.

Later in the night, he reveals to her that his priorities in life have changed, and he has started focusing his life on her. They end up taking a new step in their relationship, and fans have faith that this may be Meredith’s first serious relationship since Nathan Riggs.

Along with this, Owen’s veteran patient Noah, from earlier episodes, is brought into ER after collapsing at his job as a grocery bagger. Later it is revealed that his lung collapsed.

Owen spends the episode with Noah’s son fulfilling Noah’s wish that his son has a good Thanksgiving. By the end of the episode, Noah reveals that he is ready to give up and be done with his fight against pulmonary fibrosis.

Farouk is still recovering from his surgery. Megan and Cormac play games with him to pass the time, but passing the time is not the only thing they are doing. This might be a stretch, but there seem to be feelings developing between Megan and Cormac.

However, whatever feelings there may or may not be there are quickly forgotten when Farouk codes and is put on ECMO after 30 minutes of compressions. The doctors end up putting Farouk on the transplant list for a new heart

Webber and Schmitt’s patient ends up having a ruptured appendix and needs surgery. The patient asks the doctors to tie her tubes in surgery so that she will not be able to have any more children.

She confides in her husband that she is worried that having any more children will kill her and she doesn’t know what their family will do without her. During the surgery, the baby is delivered, and the mother ends up well.

All in all, relationships on-screen continue to deepen along with the audience’s emotional attachment to Farouk and Noah. This episode kept the audience engaged with a good plot; however, fans were looking forward to interactions between Amelia and Kai, which was lacking this week. As always, fans are looking forward to next week’s episode.

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