Hunter Schafer Lecture Review

Story posted December 10, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Fernanda Lopez.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - Hundreds of Penn State Euphoria fanatics waited for hours for the beloved twenty-two year old actress, model and style icon, Hunter Schafer, to start her sold out lecture at the HUB.

Schafer was received with screams and clapping, in a standing ovation. Her outfit surprised everyone, as she opted for comfort, wearing a long sleeve shirt under an oversized t-shirt with an interesting illustration.

The moderator started the conversation asking her about her interests when she was younger, which she replied to by explaining how her dream was to become a comic book artist. Through her love towards designing costumes for her comic books, she found that her true love was fashion design.

The audience remained silent throughout the almost two hour lecture, paying attention to every detail and giggle coming from the actress, sharing an occasional laughter or scream from excitement. Schafer talked about her career, how modeling opened doors for her, and how her casting for the hit show “Euphoria” — which she later talked in depth about — was a complete surprise. She even mentioned she did not even consider acting as a career path growing up.

Throughout the lecture, Schafer could not stop smiling and laughing, radiating positivity and excitement. In addition to answering meaningful questions about life and philosophy, she kept things light-hearted, joking around. She even mentioned her distaste towards country music, which caused an uproar of laughter.

Despite sometimes getting lost in her answers and acting a bit nervous, the moderator and the audience managed to keep a very friendly environment, which also allowed her to be open about her mental health struggles during the pandemic and her journey navigating life as a transgender queer woman.

The packed audience showed excitement when she mentioned that she wrapped up filming the extremely anticipated second season of the hit HBO show “Euphoria.” The model described this new season as her favorite, using the adjectives “darker” and “funnier” to describe it. The second season, out Jan. 9, has been expected for over two years.

A big part of this lecture was on her involvement as a co-writer and lead character in the special “Euphoria” episode aired during the pandemic, a special episode dedicated to her character Jules and her journey, called: “Part 2 - Jules.”

Schafer mentioned how many elements of this episode came from her notes app, as she mentioned how poems written by her inspired certain parts of this espides, such as comparing the ocean with femininity.

The actress and model had a very successful lecture, as she kept it casual, as well as interesting. She was open and gave fantastic, insightful answers, which made fans, like myself, to get to know her even more —not only as an actress, but as a creative phenomenon.

If she ever comes back to talk about any future projects, she could attract even a bigger crowd, as Penn State really enjoyed her visit.

Picture taken by Will Aguirre. Courtesy of The Collegian.

Rating: 4/5


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