“Invincible” Episode 6 Review

Story posted April 21, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Jon Mead.

Things are starting to heat up in “Invincible,” as in the last episode we see two intriguing subplots start to develop and Invincible’s identity revealed to someone other than his own family members.

An incredibly exciting cliffhanger comes to a close as Invincible makes a complete recovery in the Global Defense Agency’s headquarters.

Two members of the Guardians of the Globe, Black Samson and Monster Girl, are still in critical condition though, with Robot going to serious lengths to make sure Monster girl survives.

Why is it that Robot has such an attachment to her, as he doesn’t do the same things for Samson? We can see this as Robot frequently stays by her side while she’s unconscious.

On a more positive note, in this recent installment we get to see more of William - Mark’s best friend who has made smaller appearances in earlier episodes.

Grayson, who is already having relationship issues with Amber, uses Williams as a chance to redeem himself, as all three of the high schoolers drive up to Upstate University to check out the school- and so William can see the guy he’s interested in, Rick.

Fans of “Rick and Morty” or Lemongrab in “Adventure Time” will be pleased to hear that Justin Roiland makes an appearance in this latest episode, taking on the role of Doug Cheston - a stereotypical frat guy who’s abducted by a psychopathic science student.

While Mark is off checking out a college, Debbie has finally had enough of Nolan (Omni-Man) lying to him, as she’s caught on after discovering his tattered suit and a notebook left by Damien Darkblood.

Things get very heated between the two as Debbie confronts Nolan. When will we see Omni-Man's reasons for killing the Guardians of the Globe?

It also raises the question of how exactly will Omni-Man handle Debbie knowing the truth?

After a mutilated cyborg attacks the campus that Mark, Amber and William are at, Amber accuses Grayson of running off - as the already injured Mark puts on his costume to save people from getting killed. This doesn’t do well for their relationship to say the least.

While Grayson is attacking the cyborg, William gets a good look at Invincible’s face, realizing it’s Mark!

The closing part of the episode takes a very emotional turn as we see the rest of the many mutilated victims of the science student that conducted experiments on them, turning them into mindless cyborgs - including Rick.

Although mentioned many times before, the future of this show is looking really good as the plot thickens, and it becomes even more interesting with each episode.


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