Jair Jaims

Story/Video posted March 18, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Brynn Laurash.


Coming into college, most students aren’t focused on what they want to do with their degree, they might not even know what they want to major in. This story is common for most but not for Jeremy Fratoni, who is studying Public Relations double majored with Entertainment Studies with a focus on Music Business.

It was never a question of what he wanted to do; it was always how will he get to where he wants to be? Last summer, he had a unique opportunity to help produce music with artists in Los Angeles. An up and coming artist named ELECTRA told Fratoni that if he wants to stand out in this business, he needs a name that stands out as well. From there, the name Jair Jaims quickly replaced Jeremy Fratoni on all forms of social media and his journey to make it big truly begun.