Learning the Guitar

Video posted February 28, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment by Brad Wakai.


Jesse Bolind has been playing instruments for what he describes as practically his whole life. He recently picked up the guitar and enrolled in a guitar class for his last semester.

Guitar will be the fifth instrument he has learned to play. Previously, he has stuck to woodwind and brass instruments like alto and tenor saxophone, the valved trombone and the sousaphone. He played these instruments in bands and wound up in the Blue Band at the start of his college career. He played for two years before leaving the famed band.

“It wasn’t everything I wanted to do with my time in college,” Bolind said. “They were an amazing two years, but so were my two years out of the band.”

He’s been playing the guitar for two months and is excited to learn because of his love for rock and roll.

“It’s something that is a staple to American culture. Rock and pop songs that people sing along to usually have a guitar in it.”

His goals aren’t too lofty because he just wants to have fun playing it, but also wants to participate whenever his friends bring out their guitars.

“Guitar is fun on your own, but it’s also fun with people. As opposed to something I feel like I need more of like a group setting to really engage.”

This is another reason Bolind put down the brass and picked up the strings. Knowing his band instruments were designed to play in front of a crowd, he wanted something more personal.

He is using this class to set a foundation he can improve on as he continues to try and master his new craft.

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