Lehigh Valley Artist Music inspired by Life and Death

Story/Video posted March 29, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Neilyce Tejeda.


It all began as a fun urban art form between kids in the neighborhood until a childhood friend passed away. Music was always a passion for John Palmieri, 23, but he became inspired to pursue the rap industry seriously in 2009 when his childhood friend who rapped with him had passed. His childhood friend was older than him and was on the path to be signed by Mac Miller or Kid Ink. He saw John becoming so invested in music and constantly practicing that he pushed him to pursue it but then he eventually passed. He says he wasn't born with a natural talent for singing or rapping but he practiced every day and continues to practice every moment he can to make this passion a reality. 

He wants his music to touch others in what they're going through and struggling with just as he has struggled and music helped him. It was never for the fame or the money but instead it was for his love of music that evolved. He says he wants to continue growing in his rapping abilities and his music. Music is not forced art for Palmieri, he writes when he's inspired to capture his genuine emotions. His friend's music and death may have inspired him to start off his career but his baby girl, Ella Palmieri, is a new inspiration for him that has motivated him since the day she was brought into this world 8 months ago. 

Palmieri's currently has over five thousand views on Youtube under his stage name 'Ill Skill'. His music has grown since 2017 when he used to receive about 500 views. He is working on a new EP to drop in a few weeks with a few music videos he's been filming. When his following grows, he plans to work on bigger projects such as an album but until then he says,

"When I get behind the mic, it's like nothing exists"