Magic Bronson – “Sweat” Review

Story posted October 21, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser.

“Sweat” is the second studio album from the alternative rock duo Magic Bronson. In 2018, they released the EP “Evil Plans,” and the anticipation for this album was very high.

This album did not disappoint.

Although “Sweat” has only 10 songs, the album is so much fun, and it perfectly showcases Magic Bronson’s style and personality. This album is filled to the brim with energy too, as each beat pulses through the audience, and the groove in these tracks is undeniable.

Lead singer Michael Nicastro has an insanely unique voice, and his vocals on some of these tracks are the most impressive that they have ever been. Although his range isn’t crazy his voice is very soothing, and it fits the style of Magic Bronson perfectly.

“Sweat” also features sensational beat switches, especially in “Surfin” and “Better of You.” The beat changes add a sense of surprise to the album and a bit of flare to some of the songs.

“Sweat” is filled to the brim with insanely catchy lyrics. Magic Bronson always uses very strange analogies, and many of the songs are about the most bizarre topics. “Sweat” is no different in this regard. Despite these totally strange lyrics, they’re relayed in the best way possible, making for some absolute earworms.

Some of Magic Bronson’s best songs that they have ever made are on this album, specifically “Surfin,” “Tell All Your Friends” and “ITILYN.” The only song that doesn’t work is “Line Up,” as it is not super interesting and seems to be more of a filler song in an otherwise great album.

However, the album could have been paced better. Some songs feel too short and others overstay their welcome. Songs like “Little Ones” should have a longer instrumental breakdown, while songs like “Sweat” drag on for too long.

Another problem with this album is that many of the songs sound the same. This isn’t always a bad thing, since Magic Bronson is great at what they do. But, at times, the album sounds like one long song instead of unique, individual pieces. Magic Bronson presents many opportunities to change up the style, but they prefer to stay in their comfort zone, for better or for worse.

Although the abbreviated length works against “Sweat” in some regards, it works for it in another: high replayability factor. Although some songs are flawed, each is very catchy and can easily be played multiple times without feeling repetitive. “Sweat” as a whole is very fast-paced, and it takes just over 30 minutes to listen to the entirety of the album.

Overall, this is a fantastic sophomore effort that perfectly represents who Magic Bronson is as a band. The beats are vibrant and the lyrics are creative. “Sweat” might be the best work that the duo has created so far.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Surfin,” “Tell All Your Friends,” “ITILYN”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “Line Up”


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