Making Music With Her Feet

Story/Video posted March 18, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Paige Hooven.


Grace Waldren is a junior at Penn State studying Telecommunications. Aside from her school work, Waldren dances for the Tapestry Dance Company.

Dancing has been the one constant in her life ever since she was a little girl. It is where she feels most confident and comfortable. Balancing tap and school has been challenging at times, but she has learned the importance of time management.  

Tap dancing intrigued Waldren because of it's uniqueness. She says it is way more than making noises with your feet. Each dance tells a story and she enjoys telling those stories. Last year, Waldren got the opportunity to choreograph a dance to perform at THON. Since then, she has fell in love with teaching her peers the stories she has created.