Mount Westmore - “SNOOP CUBE 40 $HORT” Album Review

Story posted January 9, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz.

Does “SNOOP CUBE 40 $HORT” have graphic and offensive lyrics? Yes. Does it still slap? Yes.

Mount Westmore is a hip-hop rap group that was formed in 2020 by rappers Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube,  E-40 and Too $hort. Their debut album, “Bad MFs”, came out in June of 2022.

Since then, they have released three singles in preparation for the new album: “Activated,” “Too Big” and “Free Game.” These songs give a good introduction to the album and its vibe.

One listen to this album is not enough. At first, each song sounds very similar and it’s hard to find distinguishing features in each track. However, the more the album is played, different aspects of each rapper's style shine through in their different sections of the songs.

While the album is likely to pull in mostly preexisting fans of the rappers, this is music that anyone could listen to, but listeners would have to be able to get past the foul language and appalling themes.

Mount Westmore does a great job incorporating elements from each rappers’ solo careers, but still manages to create a new sound.  Along with that each rapper keeps their own personality in each song.

Each of the 16 songs on the album are all explicit and are not anything to play in front of your parents. However, some of them really pop off with the most vulgar lyrics. “Too Big”, “I Got Pull,” and “Big Subwoofer” all would be great songs to run or lift to.

There are several songs that graphically depict women in compromising sexual positions. While this is rather demeaning, the upbeat music makes them catchy and hard to forget.

The album stands true to its hip-hop roots, but has a strong early 2000s or 90s feel. It stands apart from other hip-hop albums that have come out recently.

Listening to this album is definitely an experience. There are many aspects of the album that listeners can focus on and enjoy like the lyrics, or the accompanying beats. Depending on what you are focusing on could result in a totally different outcome afterwards.

Some songs have similar themes but none of them are saying the exact same thing. Along with that, some of the songs do have quite similar beats, making it hard for them to stand out. This is the biggest downfall of the album. It doesn’t help that each rapper’s delivery is the same in every song.

The lyrics of this album are very interesting to listen to because some of them sound like they were just looking for something that rhymed and didn’t make any sense like in “Big Subwoofer.” Like what is a big subwoofer?

Also, it’s hard to tell in some lyrics if they are trying to empower women or tear them down. Also, in “Big Subwoofer” the second verse includes the phrase “A couple stretchmarks and cellulite on her flesh, she got her legs open like a field goal post.” Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that it was written to enhance body positivity.

The moral standing of this album is all over the place, but it is very catchy and fun to listen to. Overall, “SNOOP CUBE 40 $HORT” is a good album and will bring more attention to Mount Westmore.

Rating: 5/10

Savannah Swartz is a second-year majoring in communications. To contact her, email