Movies that Deserve a Sequel

Story posted January 31, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department.

In this day and age, sequels come out all the time. With the surplus of sequels coming out, members of our CommRadio arts and entertainment department wrote about some movies that deserve a sequel.

“Bullet Train”

“Bullet Train” was definitely one of the funniest, most action-packed films of last year. The stacked cast included names like Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Logan Lerman and a few top-secret A-list cameos sprinkled in as well.

The film follows a group of secret agents working separate jobs on a bullet train headed for Kyoto station, but unbeknownst to them, they were all hired by the same man.

Their plotlines intertwine as they pick each other off one by one in outrageously unbelievable action sequences.

“Bullet Train” could play the “Knives Out” card if they were to create a sequel, adding a new ensemble cast and bringing back Brad Pitt as the titular character on a different mission.

This movie was loosely based on a Japanese novel titled “Maria Beetle,” so there would be no source material for the sequel. But the writers room could certainly get creative and think something up.

It wouldn’t even have to be on a bullet train, maybe set it on a boat or plane. Just some food for thought. - Kaitlyn Murphy


It might seem silly, but the 2016 Emma Roberts-Dave Franco adventure-thriller “Nerve” is still one of the best commentaries on Gen-Z and social media to date.

The movie's premise is based around an obviously sketchy social media game called “Neve.” People can be watchers or players, and those who choose to play receive money for completing dares.

Naturally, the dares become increasingly dangerous, But the chance to win money and gain more viewers makes the players take these absurd risks.

Franco and Roberts give good performances, the aesthetics are captivating and the stakes are escalated exceptionally well.

“Nerve” does a great job of illuminating the dark side of the internet and viewership in an eerie way, considering how many parallels can be made to TikTok trends and influencers.

The ending is quite abrupt and would offer writers many directions to continue this story. With the huge uptake of influencers and platforms to satirize, bringing back just the concept with a new cast could work.

“Nerve” is suspenseful, smart, fun and way too good of a concept not to capitalize on for a sequel. - Sophia D’Ovidio

“The Nice Guys”

If any movie was to get a sequel, it would be “The Nice Guys.”

From the first trailer, audiences could tell that this was going to be the next hit. The retro action comedy had everything from great characters to fun action, something no one would refuse a sequel to.

Ryan Gosling in arguably one of his best roles to date opposite a very serious Russell Crowe makes for a great leading duo. Gosling is extremely underrated for his comedic performances and bringing this character back to the big screen would be the best idea since he was chosen for the role.

The end of the movie was a perfect set up for a sequel and if the director Shane Black returns, it could be the perfect set up for another great movie. Buddy comedies as great as this one are few and far between and it would be a crime not to bring Gosling and Crowe back for another go. - Sophia Clements

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