Music is more than just singing

Story/Video posted October 14, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by Ariana Rosa.


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.- For senior-film major, Kenneth Cruz, music has been part of his life since he was a child. But, it has impacted him in more ways than he could imagine.

Growing up, Cruz would sing in his church's kids choir and was raised in a family that also sings. And though he sang throughout his high school career, he did not think that he would continue to sing after.

When Cruz entered his sophomore year of college, he auditioned for Penn State's Singing Lions. Though he thought the audition was terrible, he got accepted into the organization. Fast forward to his senior year, and Cruz is now the Vice President of the Singing Lions.

The Singing Lions is one of few singing organizations that have THON families. The two families, unfortunately, passed away not too long ago. For the organization as a whole, and Cruz, this was not easy and Cruz takes it into his hands to make sure that the two families are represented throughout their performances.

"They [THON children] don't get the chance to sing and dance, so it's my job and it's all of our jobs to do that for them," Cruz said. 

This drives Cruz to continue singing for the Singing Lions and for the THON families. And even though Cruz does not see singing as a career in the future, he isn't opting out singing in the showers.