My Fave Five: Justin Bieber Songs

Story posted November 4, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Gia Sabatino.

As one of the biggest Justin Bieber fans in the world, it is going to be super hard to pick just five favorites… let’s get into it!

1. That Should Be Me featuring Rascal Flatts - Never Say Never (The Remixes) (2011)

Let’s just say picking my all time favorite Justin Bieber songs was one of the hardest things I have had to do.

Alright, I am a tad bit dramatic but seriously with someone as talented and as special as JB it is hard to choose.

“That Should Be Me” is my favorite song because in my opinion it is one of Justin’s best sing along songs.

However, what makes this song the best is the Rascal Flatts feature. There is no doubt that Rascal Flatts adds something so special to this song. I just believe their voices together sound so perfect.

Ironically, the best way for me to describe this song is that it is simply music to my ears. I remember the first time I ever heard this song, my mom showed it to me and I have loved it ever since.

2. Die In Your Arms - Believe (2012)

“Die In Your Arms” ranks in as a close second. This song really isn’t that popular and I think it is pretty underrated.

This song is so well written and so catchy.

I feel like since so many of Justin Bieber’s songs are so popular I enjoy listening to songs of his that aren’t overplayed and this is definitely one of them.

I love the beat of this song and I love listening to it when I am alone.

3. U Smile - My World 2.0 (2010)

As you can tell so far, Justin Bieber’s older songs are the songs I like the best.

“U Smile” places as number three because it is such a happy song. A lot of Justin Bieber’s songs put me in my feelings but this song has purely good vibes.

Thinking about how young he was when this song came out makes this song even better. He is just so cute and I adore him so much.

This song also reminds me of the beach with my cousin and there is nothing better than when a song takes you back to a certain point in your life.

4. Never Say Never (featuring Jaden Smith) - Never Say Never (The Remixes) (2011)

Although this is one of Justin Bieber’s more popular songs from his younger years, I couldn’t not put this song in the top five.

I am definitely a huge fan of this remix album and I think each and every one of them are songs that you can listen to whenever and wherever.

This song can put me in a good mood no matter what.

As if Justin Bieber isn’t perfect enough in this song, Jaden Smith’s feature makes this song 10x better.

This song reminds me of driving around with my friends with the windows down. All of us know every single word and all the worries in the world go away for the three minutes and 48 seconds that this song plays.

5. Ghost - Justice (2021)

“Ghost” ranks in at number five, not only is it one of my favorites but it is the most recent release on this list.

Even though a lot of people might not agree with this, Im a Justin & Selena fan ALL THE WAY! I don’t mind Hailey Bieber as a person but I just don’t like her with Justin as much as I like Selena with him.

When I listen to this song I like to think that Justin wrote it about Selena. Maybe I’m totally wrong or maybe he barely even wrote this song, I don’t care.

I’m not that crazy though, that isn’t the only reason I like this song. I love songs that I can belt my heart out to and this is definitely one of them.

I’d say these are my five favorites but I cannot lie, this list was definitely a harder list to make than I thought it’d be.

That is why I’m going to include some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions: Fall, Somebody To Love, All That Matters, Mistletoe and Bigger

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