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Story posted November 15, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Abby Rockovich.

These are the best podcasts to listen to for any occasion, including hot girl walks, cleaning your room or just hanging out.  

Gals on the Go – Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan
Gals on the Go is by far the best podcast for an easy and fun listen.

In this podcast, Brooke and Danielle share their experiences being influencers, in their mid-twenties, while living in New York City. They are truly the most wholesome influencers and not flashy at all. A super easy and entertaining listen.

Their show is broken up in three parts, first they catch up on their weeks, then they share their current favorite product/experience. Lastly, they dive into the topic they are discussing that week.

The shows range from 50 minutes to 80 minutes. Brooke and Danielle post every Wednesday.

What We Said – Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade
What We Said never fails to make listeners laugh. Jaci and Chelsey are in their late twenties, both are married and Chelsea recently had her first kid.

Their topics are still lighthearted and fun as they talk about current trends, funny stories and more, but they also discuss things like starting a family and what it's like to be married.

My favorite segment of their show must be when they read stories submitted from the listeners and the topics range from cutest date stories to family drama and wedding disasters.

The beginning of their show, they catch up on their weeks, much like Gals on the Go and then they talk about their topic for the week. Jaci and Chelsey post every week on Tuesdays.

Freckled Foodie & Friends – Cameron Rogers
Cameron Rogers is 29 years old and living in New York City with her husband and kid. Her topics tend to be more serious as she discusses depression, anxiety, diet culture and more.

Her podcast can be really comforting for those that do suffer with mental health issues as she makes her listeners feel as though they are not alone in their struggles. This podcast is best to listen to when you are not doing anything else but listening.

Unlike Gals on the Go and What We Said, Freckled Foodies and Friends is a podcast not meant to be used as background noise. Cameron posts every week on Wednesdays.

Anything Goes – Emma Chamberlain
Anything Goes varies from serious to funny episodes. Considering Emma no longer posts YouTube videos as frequently as she used to, her podcast is now a good way to keep up with her and get in all the Emma content your heart desires.

She discusses relatable content like balancing relationships and not-so relatable content like being an influencer in LA.

If you like Emma Chamberlain, you should give her podcast a listen, it can be a bit slow at times but good to put on when you are doing another activity. Emma posts once a week on Thursdays.
Happy Hour with Gretchen Geraghty – Gretchen Geraghty
Another youtuber joining in on the podcast fun is Gretchen Geraghty. She is 25 years old and lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania with her boyfriend Max who is an NHL player for the Flyers.

Her podcasts are livelier and fast paced compared to Emma’s. Gretchen has a very bubbly personality that really shines through. Happy Hour consists of more upbeat episodes with a few personal and serious ones thrown into the mix.

Happy Hour is a great podcast to listen to when one is in a bad mood and needs some good energy from Gretchen. She starts the episode out by explaining something she is grateful for before getting into the episode.

Gretchen typically posts every week but does not have one set weekday that she uploads on.

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