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Story posted March 14, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Milena Velez-Melendez.

With a new season of Outer Banks coming out, fans want to experience the character’s island-coconut life aesthetic for themselves.

A simple way of including these ocean vibes in your life is by watching some of the best surfing movies ever.

If you are a “gremmie” like me, then be careful, these movies will only fuel your desire to leave everything behind, move to the coast and ride waves for the rest of your life.

“Surf’s Up”
This movie is a reality show about surfing penguins…I haven't convinced you yet? This animated cinematic masterpiece, with emphasis on masterpiece, follows the story of Cody Maverick. A penguin that leaves Antarctica and his family behind to pursue his surfing career.

During his journey, Maverick met his all-time surfing idol “Big Z” who was thought dead but was just faking it. He also becomes friends with Chicken Joe who is basically high all the time (it's a kid's movie).

This comedy does a great job of mocking reality shows and giving the best surfing vibes ever. In addition, you will probably find some relatable lines in the film. “I don't understand why everybody has to be so judgmental.” for example.

“Chasing Mavericks”
This film featuring Gerard Butler is available on Disney + and it’s based on the real-life story of Jay Moriarity and Frosty Hesson. It's not all laughs and giggles in this one but it makes you think and reflect on the meaning of life.

Chasing Mavericks has the perfect balance between surfing sequences and drama. You get to enjoy the beautiful Californian waves while getting to know the troubled lives of Jay and Frosty. Not to spoil anything but the film has one of those endings that leaves you blank.

“Soul Surfer”
Another beautiful real-life story. It's amazing how the film portrays the character development of real live people. What I like the most about Soul Surfer it’s the flow of the story, the soundtrack and the vibes.

While a shark attack is a very dramatic event to undergo, Bethany Hamilton's recovery is presented in a positive and inspiring way. This allows the audience to enjoy Hawaiian vibes while finding emotion in the story.

“Point Break”
A classic with a stellar cast. Point Break might be a bit violent if you are only looking for vibes, but in my opinion, the action and plot in this movie are amazing.

It's a spy and surfing movie all in one. The original bank robbery with the president's face masks, the betrayal, the love story, the wrong friendships and of course, the surfing. What else could you ask?

Teen Beach Movie
Of course, I had to include a surfing musical in the list. Teen Beach Movie’s surfing scenes are very questionable, however, it's still a good movie to sing and dance along with.

The 60’s surfers vs. bikers theme is super fun and the vibes are impeccable.

Some editing problems here and there but I don't mind them because the outfits, characters and color palette makes up for them. The set is also very nice with some scenes shot in Puerto Rico.

My favorite surf movies are very different from one another but they have something in common: immaculate beach vibes.

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