Nickelback - “Get Rollin’” Album Review

Story posted November 30, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Brianna Cavalieri.

Nickelback still makes music? Apparently!

After a five-year hiatus since its last album release in 2017, Nickelback is back like they never left. Since releasing their first album in 1996, they’ve still found ways to gain attraction but the reviews aren’t all good.

The Canadian rock band has released their tenth studio album and has entered their country/ heavy metal era. With Chad Kroeger’s distinctive raspy voice, Nickelback has established its own sound that stands out among other bands.

The album bounces all over the place with different styles of rock to satisfy its very diverse audience. The evolution of Nickelback has proven that they won’t fully stick to one genre.

The first song on the album is “Say Quentin” which is an excellent illustration of their comeback. It’s written from the perspective of an inmate and it has a heavy metal sound to it which would make one think that the rest of the album would continue with that sound, but they would be wrong

“Skinny Little Missy” is not a song title that you would typically hear nowadays but to each their own. This track still continues the hard rock trend with a heavier tone.

The band does not stay on the same tone for too long. “Those Days” switches up the sound with the nostalgic pop-rock style of Nickelback. It sounds very similar to “Photograph” released in 2005.

Having nostalgic beats in their new music is a must considering they are most well-known for their album “All the Right Reasons” from 2005. If they were to change too much, they risk losing fans that liked the old Nickelback.

“High Time” changes the tone again with a country-rock sound. This track is a different style for Nickelback but they make it work.

“Vegas Bomb” brings back the typical Nickelback sound but it’s missing something that would make the song stick. It’s one of those tracks that won’t be hard to forget.

“Tidal Wave” has a more delicate sound and speaks about love life and “Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?” goes back to 2005 Nickelback vibes again with the acoustic guitar and nostalgic vocals while still bringing something new to the table.

“Steel Still Rusts,” “Horizon” and “Standing In The Dark” are all classic Nickelback songs with catchy beats. They all sound fairly similar.

“Just One More” is a very well-put-together song but not the most pleasing way to close the album. They have more powerful songs that could’ve ended the album better.

Many people love to hate Nickelback, but they’ve had prominent success over the years. The album was the best it could be, but Nickelback is missing the vibrancy that it once had.

Kroeger sounds comfortable on this album even when slightly experimenting with some new sounds. The album is very diverse and all over the place which brings up the question if all of these songs belong in the same album.

Nickelback is still here and attempting to make a comeback but their old music will forever outshine anything else that they release no matter how hard they try.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Horizon,” “Just One More,” “Those Days”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “Vegas Bomb,” “Steel Still Rusts,” “High Time”

Brianna Cavalieri is a third-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email