Night Teeth Review

Story posted October 29, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz.

Not another vampire movie! “Night Teeth”, the Netflix original movie, is the newest vampire drama to take on “Twilight”.

The movie starts in Los Angeles where the viewer meets Jay and his girlfriend Maria. They are driving home when a sketchy character pulls up next to them. This scene was boring to watch, but somehow by the end of it, Maria is missing. This is barely brought up throughout the rest of the movie.

After the main title slide, the viewer does not see Jay or Maria but instead is introduced to average, hard-working college student Benny. It is heavily hinted upon that Benny is very low in funds which set the audience up for the rest of the movie.

Benny returns home to his Abuela’s house after school and sees Jay, who is his brother. The audience learns that Jay works as a driver for hire at night.

Benny, in desperate need of money, offers to cover Jay’s shift. Jay is extremely hesitant because Benny does not have a chauffeur's license, but allows him to. The only condition is that Benny must pretend to be Jay. 

After all of this, the audience finally starts to find out what this movie is about. Benny goes to pick up his customers for the night, Blaire and Zoe.

Immediately, there is tension between Benny and the girls. Something is not right. At their first stop, Benny is left in the car. To amuse himself, he begins looking through the girl’s bag, which is filled with blood-covered money.

Benny then does what any rational person would do and follows the scary strangers into the building. He walks in on the girls sucking the blood from the necks of two unsuspecting men. The secret is out: Blaire and Zoe are vampires. Shocking!

These are classic vampires in the fact that they are extremely strong, cannot go out in sunlight, and have been alive for many years.

And now, the audience wonders how the vampires coexist with the humans?

Basically, in the city of Los Angeles, there is a truce between humans and vampires. It is extremely stereotypical in the fact that vampires can drink people’s blood if they don’t kill them, and humans won’t kill the vampires unless they start killing humans.

It is also learned that the city is divided up into 5 undefined sectors that are either protected by a mob of vampires or hunters. Everyone just needs to stay in their area to keep the peace.

Easy enough, right? But what are the odds of Benny being pulled into all these shenanigans?

Blaire and Zoe’s boss, Victor, decides that it is time to dismantle the entire vampire and human truce and regain some power for himself. He sends Blaire and Zoe out to kill the bosses of each territory; starting with Jay who, unfortunately, Benny is portraying for the night.

After Benny discovers their secret Zoe attempts to kill him until he reveals that he is Benny.

What could make this movie any more cliché? Benny falls in love with Blaire, the vampire that was supposed to kill his brother.

Benny spends the movie driving vampires around assisting them in dismantling the truce until it becomes evident that Victor has captured Jay. The main trio makes their way to Victor’s home, where Zoe has every intention of killing Benny and Jay, but Benny and Blaire have other plans.

Of course, it all ends well in the end. Zoe ends up in the sunlight and dies. After a fight, Victor ends up with a bite out of Benny, but incredibly Jay tackles Victor off of Benny, causing Victor to land in the sunlight and die too.

All the bad vampires are gone, but what about Benny? Bleeding out and dying on the floor, Blaire takes a bite out of her arm and starts feeding her blood to Benny. Then she starts sucking blood from his neck, to complete the ritual that will turn Benny into a vampire.

This scene was as intimate and disgusting as it sounds.

The movie ends with Jay as a vampire slayer and Benny as a vampire dating another vampire.

Expectations for “Night Teeth” were extremely low, and still, this plot was even messier and confusing than anticipated. A big problem in the plot is how quickly Benny accepts the existence of Vampires. 

Overall, it wasn’t a terrible movie, but it also wasn’t great.

Rating: 2/5

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