“Peacemaker” Episode 8/Finale

Story posted March 16, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Ethan Hetrick.

Peace was made in the finale of “Peacemaker. The final episode has it all resolutions, comedy, action and peace.

The episode kicks off with the team heading to the butterfly’s barn to destroy their main source of food, known as the cow. John Cena’s Peacemaker still hasn’t forgiven Danielle Brooks’ Adebayo.

When the team arrived, Jennifer Holland’s Harcourt devises a plan to defeat the butterflies. First, they’ll use Peacemaker’s sonic boom helmet to blow up the barn that the cow is in, so it can’t be teleported away.

Peacemaker, Harcourt and Freddie Stroma’s Vigilante will head into the barn to kill the cow and any butterfly in their way, while Adebayo and Steve Agee’s Economos will be reinforcements.

Before the plan can go into action, there is a hiccup with Eaglee. Eaglee lost the helmet but because of this action, the audience finds out that Peacemaker is haunted by the guilt of killing his dad.

When they find the helmet, Economos infiltrates the barn and plants the sonic boom helmet in there. On his way out, Economos is confronted by a butterfly and reveals his backstory of being caught up in work and dyes his beard to look younger.

This keeps him undercover for a small time before his ruse is seen through, and the butterfly’s attack.
The butterflies swarm Economos. Then, Adebayo sets off the sonic boom helmet which destroys the barn and draws the butterflies back to it, so they can save the cow.

Peacemaker, Harcourt and Vigilante rush in to kill butterflies and the cow. The team has the best fight sequence of the whole show with Wigwam’s “Do You Wanna Taste It?” playing in the background.

Peacemaker runs into the barn, but before he can get to the cow, the ground gives out beneath him and leaves him under a pile of rubble.

Vigilante is seen to get overwhelmed and knocked out by the butterflies. Harcourt gets shot multiple times, and the camera pans out to a butterfly about to take over Harcourt’s bleeding body.

Adebayo and Economos, finally realizing they are made for the secret agent life, rush into battle. Economos breaks his shin before he can do anything, but Adebayo cinematically defeats the remaining butterflies and saves Harcourt from the butterfly takeover.

Adebayo heads into the barn to try to save Peacemaker while wearing a human torpedo helmet. Before she can get to him the head butterfly, known as Goff, beats her to him.

Goff tries to recruit Peacemaker by bringing him to the cow and explaining that butterflies aren’t evil.

They’re from a planet that was destroyed by corrupt politicians who cared more about money than the environment, so they are taking over Earth to make sure humans don’t follow the same path they did. Goff tries to tell Peacemaker that they trust him because he is the only person who will put peace above human freedom.

Peacemaker, finally over the guilt of those he killed, shoots Goff's human body forcing Goff back into its butterfly form. Right then, Adebayo arrives, and Peacemaker activates Adebayo’s human torpedo helmet, sending her straight into the cow killing it.

The team finally defeats the butterflies.

While the team is heading out, The Justice League arrives, which Peacemaker tells them they’re late in much more vulgar language.

The team heads to the hospital to treat everyone’s wounds. Peacemaker and Adebayo also make up and become best friends again.

To close out the show there is a montage of what the team is up to now.

Adebayo makes up with her lover and reveals Amanda Waller’s illegal Suicide Squad operation. Economos returns to Black Gate prison with a photo of the team to remind him of the good time he had.

Harcourt is seen recovering from her wounds in the hospital. Vigilante is still hanging out with Peacemaker. Lastly, Peacemaker is seen at his trailer’s steps surrounded by the ghost of his dad, Goff and Eaglee.

“Peacemaker” is incredible. Every actor executed their roles perfectly. Each one managed to be emotional and funny in their ways at the perfect time. That also shows how well the show was directed by James Gunn.

He managed to write and direct a wonderful mix of emotion, action and comedy. He also knew when to let the actors improvise their characters, which also gives credit to the actor’s amazing performances.

The action in each episode is some of the best action sequences for any TV series; with the final fight and a battle with Charlie the gorilla as highlights. The one issue with the fights is the gore so, for those who can’t handle that, the fight sequences will be off-putting.

The comedy leans very heavily into vulgarity, so viewers who don’t appreciate vulgar humor should avoid this show, but for those who do it is one of the funniest shows there is.

The emotion was surprising. Each character had an arc that seemed to flow well and managed to make the character connect or hate them. The overarching story had the viewers wanting more as they needed answers to that week’s cliff-hangers.

The season finale managed to fit everything that worked before and give enough peace to the season while setting up the next season.

4/5 stars

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