Penn State hosts fall esports event

Story/Video posted November 6, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by Michael Anderson.


Even with the football team on a bye week, there was still plenty of gaming going on at Penn State on Saturday.

The only difference is that this kind of gaming wasn't done on a field or court, but rather a television.

Saturday marked Penn State Esports' Fall Event, a gathering in the HUB's Alumni Hall where gamers could bring their PCs or devices and play video games with fellow esports gamers.

One student who attended the event was Avi Bewtra, a freshman majoring in computer science, who came to play the hit Nintendo game "Super Smash Bros." Beware said he's been playing the game on-and-off since seventh game, and finds that his favorite part about it is that it gives him and his friends a chance to relax and joke around.

Video reporting by Michael Anderson, produced by Matt Lingerman