“Perfect Match” Episodes 11 & 12 Review

Story posted March 14, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Adrianna Gallucci.

“Perfect Match” ended in shocking fashion. Here’s the recap from the last two episodes of season one.

Episode 11: “Back in the Mix”

This episode begins where 10 left off - in the middle of the Shayne/Chloe fight. In the morning, the two talk it over and Shayne apologizes for how he handled it (as he should).

Nick Lachey reveals to the gang that all of the singles will come back into the house for the mixer, and people are free to match up with people from outside of the house.

Savannah immediately intends on causing trouble with Francesca and decides to start talking to Damian, which gets her nowhere.

Since Francesca is always the drama, Will sits her down to try it one more time, but she decides to stick with Damian as her match.

However, it’s Chase that calls Francesca out, saying that he didn’t think she was the “type to date somebody like that.”

Maybe Damian didn’t get the hint; he brought Francesca to the room covered in rose petals, and she broke down because she couldn’t emotionally commit to him.

So, Damian and Francesca (“the shady one,” as Savannah would say) officially leave the house.

With Francesca out of the house, Bartise assumes the villain role and berates Abbey over her comfort level around her sexuality, then the episode ends.

It was really interesting to watch the singles interact with the couples and the huge changes that occurred over the episode. Francesca, who has been in and in the business of so many relationships, finally left, and Bartise, who was already shady, completely disrespected Abbey at the end of the episode.

It’s one thing to go at somebody, but another to tear them down on live television. Grow up, Bartise.

Episode 12: “Game, Set, Perfect Match”

Abbey also leaves the house, rightfully cursing Bartise on her way out.

At the end of the night, it’s Joey/Kariselle, Shayne/Chloe, Dom/Georgia, Nick/LC and Bartise/Izzy that round out the final couples up for consideration for the title of Perfect Match.

Each of the couples go on dates, but none of them go as well as Joey and Kariselle’s.

The two had a rocky history before the show but hit it off immediately. Throughout the show, Joey struggled with commitment issues but made the ultimate commitment and proposed to Kariselle on their romantic getaway.

Lachey rounds up the singles to listen to the couples’ stories and vote on the Perfect Match, but with the singles allowed to give their opinions, things get dicey.

Abbey starts out attacking Bartise for changing up on her so fast for Izzy, with Francesca backing her on the opinion.

Francesca hasn’t even been out of the house for a full episode yet without bringing the drama; when it’s LC and Nick’s turn, she says in front of everyone that Nick made a pass at her (remember when she accused Savannah of making a pass at Dom? How the tables have turned).

Then, Chase of all people gets on Georgia’s case, to which she wonders why she would pick him over Dom after how many people he’s embarrassed, lied to and scammed on the show. Yikes.

Joey and Kariselle go last, and Joey reveals that the two of them are engaged in one of the few times production showed the genuine, human side of the cast.

Finally, the moment… and the singles crown Dom and Georgia as the Perfect Match.

Final Thoughts


How can a show with its main purpose of finding love result in not even the couple who won staying together?

I’ve dedicated about 8.667 hours of my life to watching “Perfect Match,” and none of the people that I watched and took notes on for these reviews stayed together? What was the entire point of the show then?

It was incredibly entertaining and a great concept, but the singles had two weeks to find a perfect match, which gives them no time at all.

Then, it was revealed that Savannah had a boyfriend during the filming, which ruled her out immediately. Joey and Kariselle called off their engagement, Francesca is back with her ex, Chloe and Shayne likely broke up and Georgia is dating her ex.

It was a fun show to watch and follow, but at it’s best and most memorable moments, was just another Netflix reality show that seemed thrown together as a money grab.

Rating: 3.5/5

Adrianna Gallucci is a first-year student majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, please email amg7989@psu.edu.