Facts About Playing the Sax

Story/Video posted October 14, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by David Green.


Meredith Lea is a member of the Outer Dimensions Jazz Band at Penn State and also the Penn State Blue Band. She has been playing the saxophone since 5th grade as well as the piano.

Meredith puts in over 20 hours per week practicing and performing, not including practicing by herself. She is very passionate about music and how it makes her as well as others feel, and is always working to get better. The saxophone is one one of the toughest instruments to learn and play but also one of the most fun.

After attending two practice sessions with the Outer Dimensions Jazz Band, it really gives a sense of just how much work goes into a performance for a band this size. If one note is out of place or too loud or quiet, the whole band has to start from the top again to make sure it is perfect. It gives you a real appreciation for all the teamwork and cooperation that goes into these musical pieces. 

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