Post Animal – “Forward Motion Godyssey” Album Review

Story posted February 19, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Grossman.

Post Animal has been around for quite a few years now, fine-tuning and perfecting their sound. The Chicago based psychedelic rock band has now come forward with their second album, entitled "Forward Motion Godyssey." This album, while not an explicit concept album, deals with the themes of introspection, self-improvement, and wondering what takes place in the future.

It has been heavily anticipated for fans of the band for a long time, and it does not disappoint when it comes to providing jams to groove to, or give some time to be introspective. Post Animal invites the listener on their Forward Motion Godyssey and into an album of euphoric and smooth sounds.

The album opens with "Your Life Away," arguably one of the most intriguing and inviting opening tracks ever put on an album. The sounds and environment are both different and familiar to those who are avid fans, but the common listener will easily be encapsulated in the band's mysterious sounds. This continues within "Post Animal," "Schedule," and "Fitness," all songs that are just as intriguing as they are pleasant on the ears. They are all songs that provoke a certain type of introspection and thought - about loneliness, companionship, and progression. This first half is where the main themes of the album come across, in order to lure the listeners into what the band tries to provoke.

The second half of the album is more of their traditional jam-based style, with songs such as "Safe or Not," "Private Shield," and "Damaged Goods" providing listeners with sounds that are great to hang out to. They provide a happy medium between psychedelic and heavy that is present in all of their previous works - almost like a return to form, in order to recalibrate what listeners were expecting.

However, "How Do You Feel," the seventh track, makes a departure, and provides one last strong moment of their themes — introspection and checking in with your own feelings is one of the main themes presented on this album, and it's done tremendously. Finishing off the album is the last track "Sifting," a last mysterious look at the band's status as musicians, and where they might go with their next record. It's a bittersweet moment knowing this is the end of the record, but it provides incentive for a second and even a third listen overall.

Post Animal has created a record that not only fits in with their known style, but pushes the boundaries of what they know as musicians. It's a very fun, energetic album with tones of seriousness, but also an album that asks us to check in with our inner selves and progress onward.

Besides this, it asks us to have fun at the same time, and thrash around to their sounds. It leaves us to wonder exactly what their next steps are as a band, and what our next steps are as listeners — Are we safe enough to grow and move forward? And if so, how? These questions are what makes this album one of the more notable releases of the year.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Tracks: “Post Animal,” “Schedule,” “How Do You Feel,” “Your Life Away”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Track: “In a Paradise”


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