Rank It: “ANTI” (Deluxe) - Rihanna

Story posted November 11, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Abigail Chachoute.

16. James Joint

Short and sweet, nothing too special.

15. Consideration

SZA and Rhianna, both icons, just sharing the spotlight, love to see it.

14. Close To You

It's like “Stay,” but a little more mellow, surely a more heartfelt and vulnerable track from the album.

13. Pose

The sequel to “Woo,” but with a little more flavor going on in the arrangement.

12. Goodnight Gotham

The title just screams Batman, and the track itself would definitely fit in the soundtrack of a Batman movie. Throwback to 2019 rumors about the singer joining the DC universe, who knows how those will age?

Rhianna did shut them down but still, never say never.

11. Never Ending

Goodness, the acoustic guitar, her vocals, chef’s kiss.

10. Woo

A little message to the ex. She’s definitely struggling to get past him, but it’s all a part of the process. This song is different from her usual style, but she makes it work.

9. Same Ol’ Mistakes

Riri was on the Tame Impala train long before everyone else, and this mashup is nothing less than absolute greatness.

8. Yeah, I Said It

You heard her right - enough said.

7. Sex With Me

Just letting everyone know she is the “it girl”, as she should.

6. Kiss It Better

It’s catchy, easy to sing along to and proved that less is more.

5. Desperado

The queen took it to the Wild West and still slayed. This track finally got the moment it deserved when it became a TikTok trend anthem.

4. Love On The Brain

A soulful track that really features Rhianna’s powerful vocals which touches the listener’s soul.

3. Higher

Riri’s powerful vocals strike again with an even stronger soulful sound. What can’t she do?

2. Needed Me

Rhianna’s message to her ex, just telling him how it was: “You needed me.”

1. Work

Just a baddie from Barbados passing along baddie vibes over the mainstream airwaves around the world.

“Work” is truly a timeless party track that will continue being a go-to banger for years to come.

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