Rank It: “DECIDE” by Djo

Opinion posted February 28, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Rachel Hord.

Djo’s new album, “DECIDE”, released in September 2022, has 13 amazing songs. Here is the tracklist in order of worst to best songs (even though there are no bad songs on this album).

13. “Is That All It Takes”

This song is only 21 seconds long, so it’s lower on the list. However, it does have a great transition to the following song on the album, “Go For It”.

12. “Slither”

“Slither” has a great melody and beat, but its lyrics are extremely repetitive.

11. “Climax”

The synth and drums in this song are great, but the song kind doesn’t really go anywhere. There is no “climax,” ironically.

10. “Runner”

Again, “Runner” has repetitive lyrics, but it has a great melody and build-up. “Runner” is another song on the album that has a cool transition into its following song, “Gloom”.

9. “Gloom”

This song has a great bass line and perfectly encapsulates feelings of anxiety. It is a bit weird, but still a great song.

8. “Go For It”

The harmonies and melody in the chorus are very compelling. The lyrics tell an interesting story about breaking off a relationship and the struggles with the next steps.

7. “Figure You Out”

“Figure You Out” has an appealing accompaniment, with a catchy drumline and build to the chorus. Where its lyrics are lacking, the instrumentals make up for it.

6. “Fool”

Upon first listen, this song appears to be about being head over heels for someone, but upon further analysis it can also be interpreted as a song about being an actor and performer in the 21st century. It has a great beat and groove to it.

5. “I Want Your Video”

This song has a funky feel to it, which is different from the rest of the album, but it is very successful in its execution. Its lyrics are a thoughtful tribute to Djo’s “special someone”.

4. “Change”

“Change” has one of the most interesting choruses in the whole album. The contrast between the bridge (with a lack of drums) and the chorus (with the repetition of the word “change” in a robotic voice) is very well-done.

3. “On and On”

Great commentary on living in the 21st century, being constantly overwhelmed with media and its overconsumption. The techno-music is very compelling and perfectly conveys the anxieties that exist within the song.

2. “Half Life”

“Half Life” has great lyrics about living as a public figure in the media and “in the age of excess”. Beautiful melody and vocals from Joe Keery.

1. “End of Beginning”

This has the most beautiful and bittersweet story as well as amazing vocals and harmonies. It’s one of the slower songs on the album and it tells the story of growing up, leaving home and rising to fame.

Rachel Hord is a third-year majoring in telecommunications. To contact her, email rkh5399@psu.edu.