Rank It: “five seconds flat” - Lizzy McAlpine

Story posted March 26, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by McKenna Wall.

14. “what a shame”

This is a filler song, not one that is worth replaying often.

13. “an ego thing”

The futuristic background effects sound like a timer or ringtone.

12. “nobody likes a secret”

While the song is well-written, it gets lost because it is sandwiched between two very strong songs: “hate to be lame (feat. Finneas)” and “chemtrails.”

11.  “doomsday”

Lovely contrast of McAlpine’s angelic, seemingly innocent voice and the dark lyrics. This song as the opener sets the tone for a theatrical theme in the album.

10. “weird (feat. Laura Elliott)”

It has entrancing lyrics and harmonies. At the end of the song, the beat has an effect of treading on the listener’s brain, most noticeable through headphones.

9. “hate to be lame (feat. Finneas)”

This song is less metaphorical and involves some direct storytelling. The lyrics depict the inner-monologues of two people with complicated feelings for each other, and it is captivating.

8. “erase me (feat. Jacob Collier)”

There is a good balance of delicacy and power; it is reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s music. The phrase “...I wonder who will erase me” is so profound. It is original, yet strikes a chord with the human experience and self-absorption.

7. “called you again”

Strong “Dear Evan Hansen” vibes in the best possible way. The music screams theater, and it’s incredible.

6. “reckless driving (feat. Ben Kessler)”

The honesty in this love story is refreshing, and the ending is a smart artistic choice that leaves listeners satisfied.

5. “firearm”

This is a scream-in-the-car type of song. It may start slow, but it escalates quickly. After the beat drops, there is no choice but to rock out.

4. “all my ghosts”

When the drum break opens up into one of the best choruses on the album, it’s heartbreaking and haunting.

3. “chemtrails”

This coming of age song has a perfect touch of nostalgia and sadness, while still being playful. Every line of this song is significant.

2. “orange show speedway”

The beat is light, and the lyrics are cute and sad at the same time. This is a song that can be danced to or cried to; a remarkable feat of songwriting.

1. “ceilings”

Words do not have to be said about this decision.

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