Rank It: “Harry’s House” - Harry Styles

Story posted December 6, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Brianna Cavalieri.

13. “Boyfriends”

Harry Styles’ way of stating that men suck. Well, a lot of them.

12. “Daydreaming”

Just a fun song. The beat definitely matches the song title.

11. “Love Of My Life”

Sounds emotional and deep until you realize that he’s singing about the UK. Overall, beautiful song.

10. “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”

I hate that I like this song simply for the fact that the lyrics are not the best, but the energy is there and it’s catchy. Very well produced with a nostalgic sound.

9. “Grapejuice”

A creative piece for anyone craving old-timey music.

8. “Cinema”

Styles’ confidence really comes out in this track.

7. “Keep Driving”

This well-put-together song made some interesting lyrics sound beautiful.

6. “As It Was”

A viral TikTok song that is a classic bop and has been way too overplayed.

5. “Little Freak”

Didn’t think you could turn “Little Freak” into a beautiful and touching song.

4. “Late Night Talking”

A classic love song that is bound to get stuck in your head.

3. “Daylight”

Just give it a chance, it gets better with every listen.

2. “Satellite”

The best songs are usually the ones you would skip at first. This is definitely one of those, but as it goes on, you may catch yourself dancing along to the beat.

1. “Matilda”

A message to a friend with family issues that acts as a reminder to let the past go.

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