Rank it: “Midnights”

posted November 3, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Sophia D'Ovidio.

Taylor Swift's “Midnights” has been out for long enough that one of CommRadios resident Swifties, Sophia D’Ovidio, was brave enough to take a crack at ranking the album from worst to best.

#20: “Dear Reader” (3 AM track)

Great advice, monotonous song.

#19: Snow On The Beach

Maybe expectations were set too high, but three of the most innovative musicians of our generation came together, and all that came out of it was this? Noted.

#18: “Glitch” (3 AM track)

Moving from the past two songs being disappointing because Swift is better than that to a piece that just gets lost in an album with more impressive songs.

#17: “Question…?”

Nothing special, which hurts considering it samples “Out of the Woods,” one of Swift's best songs.

#16: “Vigilante Sh*t”

Maybe the only song on the album that feels like it belongs to one of Swift’s existing ones. I’m looking at you, “reputation.”

#15: “High Infidelity” (3 AM track)

Very Aaron Dessner, which is a good thing.

#14: “Midnight Rain”

A bit of a jump scare on the first listens, pretty good on returning listens.

#13: “Bigger Than The Whole Sky” (3 AM track)

There’s something bigger than insecurities and breakups thematically with this one.

#12: “The Great War” (3 AM track)

Another great addition to Swift's subset of songs related to historical events. 

#11: “Paris” (3 AM track)

Swift can have fun and still be lyrically intelligent.

#10: “Bejeweled”

Again, let Swift have fun.

#9: “Sweet Nothing”

Joe Alwyn (AKA William Bowery) is building an impressive discography of his own at this rate.

#8: “Karma”

Knowing Swift’s past scandals, the release of this song was opportune.

#7: “Maroon”

This song is excellent, no notes.

#6: “Anti-Hero”

Don’t let the simplicity of the chorus or the “sexy baby” lyric distract from the vulnerability and self-loathing Swift expertly navigates.

#5: “Lavender Haze”

Swift offers this banger in return; let’s stop speculating on her love life.

#4: “Labyrinth”

A hauntingly enchanting insight into Swift’s insecurities while falling in love.

#3: “You’re On Your Own Kid”

Another reminder that no artist can craft a bridge like Swift does.

#2: “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” (3 AM track)

The despair, anger and regret Swift captures in this song are so painful that you can’t help but wish that Swift would take the song back on some listens. 

#1: “Mastermind

Only Swift could turn her calculated, borderline-crazy reputation into a beautiful, freeing love story.