“Ready To Be” - Twice Album Review

Story posted March 21, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Madison Rush.

K-pop girl group sensation, Twice is back with their new 12th mini album, “Ready To Be” and the fans couldn’t be more excited.

After resigning their contracts with JYP Entertainment, the nine-member girl group is ready to take on this new chapter with a more mature feel in their 7 track mini album.

Twice made a name for themselves and certified their dominating presence in the K-pop industry through their cutesy energy and schoolgirl crush-inspired songs. Although this vibe initially won them their dedicated fanbase, "Once's," over time it began to feel forced, especially after the nine members were beginning to outgrow such a look.

Fans could tell Twice wanted to pivot in a new direction, one that could showcase more maturity and reference more sophisticated material, something they achieved in this new album.

“Ready To Be” focuses on how the members are unafraid to be direct about the love they want, emphasized in lines like “I've been craving for your love/ Can't see nobody but us,” in their pre-released English track “Moonlight Sunrise.”

With this comeback, it is clear Twice and JYP Entertainment wanted to break into the Western music sphere by including two fully English tracks, “Moonlight Sunrise” and “Set Me Free (ENG ver).” This, coupled with their recent recognition as "Billboard's Women in Music Breakthrough Artist," suggests that the group's goal of global impact is coming to fruition.

In tracks like “Blame It On Me” and “Crazy Stupid Love,” Twice continues to change it up as they venture into a rock pop genre that absolutely suits the strong vocals of the girls. Sonically, these two songs stand out the most as the guitar and percussion elevate both tracks to another level. Lyrically they also captivate the listener; the writing contributions from the group's lead rapper, Dahyun, invites you into the point of view of the members and their personal experiences.

The members consistently wow the listener with their near-perfect vocals throughout the seven tracks, but the group's lead vocalists really shine in "Got The Thrills," where members Jihyo, Nayeon, and Jeongyeon absolutely body the choruses.

Twice has always faced discourse when it comes to the rap elements of their songs. People either love them or hate them. Unfortunately the rap break in track, "Wallflower," is one that feels unnecessary and leaves you feeling underwhelmed by the rap and its purpose.

Besides the songs, something all K-pop fans await is the choreography and performance that comes with a new album and Twice did not let us down.

Known for their iconic hand choreography and synchronized movements, the album's lead single "Set Me Free" gives us Twice excellence and easily joins the list as one of their best yet. Each member gets the opportunity to individually shine in the spotlight, just to come together in the choruses and absolutely dominate.

Overall, “Ready To Be” is an amazing beginning of this new chapter of growth while also staying true to quintessential Twice.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Tracks: “Blame It On Me,” and “Set Me Free”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Track: “Wallflower”

Madison Rush is a first-year majoring in public relations. To contact her, email mkr5957@psu.edu.