Remi Wolf Concert Review

Story posted February 13, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Cassie Baylis.

Remi Wolf performed in Alumni Hall in the HUB on Feb. 9.

A pop artist, Remi Wolf, 27, is based in Los Angeles, California. She has been releasing music since 2019.

Some of Remi Wolf’s discography includes albums such as “You’re A Dog!” (2019), “I’m Allergic To Dogs!” (2020), “Juno” (2021) and “We Love Dogs!” (2021).

Remi Wolf had an entertaining stage presence. Even if someone attending was not a fan of her, they would have enjoyed the concert solely based on her ability to keep the energy high.

Cracking jokes, moving around constantly while singing and engaging with the crowd often, she owned the stage. With every song, Wolf gave it her all and had a lot of fun with it.

As expected, she had a great voice live, maybe even better than her studio recorded tracks.
Her voice was clear and powerful when she belted verses.

An unforgettable voice should only be paired with a band of equal measure, and Remi Wolf had exactly the right talent beside her.

With two guitarists and a drummer, the four of them were jamming on stage through the entire one hour session. The chemistry between the bandmates and Remi Wolf was undeniable.

The combination of this chemistry and a great setlist were the makings of an overall magnificent concert.

“Quiet On Set,” was the first song of the night creating lively vibes immediately, setting this mood for the rest of the concert.

Other songs appearing on the setlist were “Monte Carlo,” “Woo!” and “Photo ID.” With every song, Wolf brought a ton of energy to the stage and encouraged the crowd to sing along.

One of her most memorable songs performed was “Guerilla,” an upbeat track of hers that she performed while jumping and moving around the full length of the stage, capturing the audience.

Another notable moment was during her performance of “Liz.” Remi Wolf called a group of attendees up to the stage to sing a verse in the song. A true representation of her engagement with the crowd.

There were around 200 people in attendance, making the event more personal. This made the atmosphere of the concert delightful, as most people were dancing, singing along or both.

The crowd certainly took advantage of the space provided, as many were moving to the music.

Most attendees stayed around for the whole concert through to the encore when Remi Wolf and the band performed one of her most streamed songs, “Disco Man.”

This song was a well-chosen ending, pumping the crowd up before saying a final goodbye to the students and staff of Penn State.

Based on this performance, Remi Wolf fans are encouraged to try to see the artist live if they ever get the chance.

Even if someone is completely unfamiliar with Remi Wolf, it is highly recommended to attend one of her concerts. It will be a truly entertaining and unforgettable experience.

Cassie Baylis is a third-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email